Our Nordic Race

Our Nordic Race

MANY PEOPLE THINK OF THE “RACE PROBLEM”, in terms of the “block buster” in the next block, the- “interracial marriage” in the newspapers, or “forced race mixing” in the schools. Too few associate these incidents with things like Pearl Harbour! An entire battle fleet wrapped in flames with thousands of dead; the cherry blossom Mikado Myth exploding into a cloud of planes, bombs, and spitting machine guns!

Today the entire world is seething with unrest. The line of conflict is found wherever the protective ring of outposts of our Western civilization comes in contact with the now belligerent and aggressive nations of the coloured world.

The problem is not one for the emotions, rather, it is a critical problem which will be solved only by the cold processes of the intellect. What is happening now has happened before. To know the errors of the past is to
avoid almost certain destruction in the future.

How did our ancestors cope with the problem? What is the history of our past contacts with coloured peoples? What did Rome do? Who were the Romans? Who are we?

The answer to all the other problems stems from the answer to this one question: Who are we?

A Voyage Into Tartary

A Voyage Into Tartary

A Voyage Into Tartary
Heliogenes De L’epy

Containing a curious description of that country, with part of Greece and Turkey, the manners, opinions, and religion of the inhabitants therein, with some other incidents.

With part of Greece and Turkey; the Manners, Opinions, and Religion of the Inhabitants therein; with some other Incidents. By M. Heliogenes De L’ Epy Doctor in Philosophy.

Primi Mortalium quique ex his geniti naturam incorrupti Sequebantur, eamdem habeant & ducem & legem, commissi melioris arbitrio. Sen. Ep. XC
London, Printed by T. Hodgkin,
and are to be sold by Randal Taylor near Stationers Hall.

Front page illustration

depiction of a female figure wearing a long floral dress and wreath or crown, receiving a box or casket from a boy; behind and above groups of figures play wind instruments or pipes. The Priestess of the Son, presented with a Casket of Gold by a youth in the Temple.

Tracing The Cymry

Tracing The Cymry

CYMRY IS THE MODERN NAME FOR THE DESCENDANTS OF THE WELSH AND I BELIEVE THE CORNISH. It is pronounced Kumri. Tradition and history link these Cymry to an ancient people who roamed Europe in by-gone days.

These people were known by various names in their wander in Posidonius, whom Strabo quotes, said that the Greeks called them Kimbroi and Katin writers called them Cimbri ( Kimbri ) Plutarch in his “Life of Marius,” also identified the Kimri with the Kimmerori. In the century before Caesar they became known to the Romans by the harsher pronunciation of Kimbri. The Teutons (Germans) called them Cambria or Cimbri. Other names for them were Cimmerians, Kimmerians, Gimeria, Gimri, Kelthr and Cimmerii. Rawlinson connected the Cimmerians with the Kimbri of the Romans and the Cymry of Wales.

The Welsh Triads state that the Cymry were the first inhabitants of Britain. Hu Gadern, or Hu the strong or mighty led his people from a region around the city of Defrobani, later called Constantinople and now named Istanbul, into Britain. He is reported to be the author of the Triads, the Annals of the Cymri (page 25) which speaks of their sojourn, “In the land of Hav.” (Constantinople):

The people, “rebelled against God and His fundamental Truths; sinning and committing injustice with daring transgressions; for which He poured upon them His retributive vengeance; whereupon dispersion and devastation issued; upon which they became nearly extinct, having lost their territories and national rights.

The National Socialist Writings of Steve Stein

The National Socialist Writings of Steve Stein

About The Author

Pictured here in the visit park of Union Correctional Institution is Steve Stein, author of the National Socialist essays in this booklet.

Steve was born on March 6th 1968 in Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up in the west he became racially aware as a teenager, when illegal aliens began flooding across the border. With his formerly all white neighbourhood soon becoming mixed.

“It wasn’t just the people that had changed, everything was different. When I was young, kids used to be able to run around at night, and nobody ever worried about something bad happening. Then all of a sudden there was crime and drug problems, and you just didn’t see people about after dark anymore, they were simply afraid.

It was exactly the same when I began working in construction. There were a lot of jobs you just couldn’t get because illegals were doing them for next to nothing pay. I guess I not only learnt about racial problems, but social ills too.”

Steve is currently incarcerated on Florida’s “death row.” There are many aspects we cannot discuss at this time regarding this, as he is appealing his “death sentence,” but it was in prison that he met John Hardwick, who introduced him to Adolf Hitler – the man that would change Steve’s life.

“He loaned me his copy of “Mein Kampf” and I was blown out by what I read. Later I read about Commander Rockwell saying that when he read it, that was the end of who he had been, and the beginning of an entirely new person. And I knew just what he meant! All the answers were in there. Everything that had troubled me, but which I couldn’t piece together became clear.”

A Remote Possibility

A Remote Possibility

HOW REALISTIC IS THE FEAR THAT AMERICAN WHITES COULD IN DUE COURSE FACE THE KIND OF EXISTENTIAL CRISIS NOW FACED BY SOUTH AFRICA’S WHITES? While useful for rousing the troops so to speak most normies would consider the idea to be preposterous. After all, Whites still represent a clear (though rapidly declining) majority of America’s population, while the South African equivalent is less than 8%. ‘Whites’ own and control everything, not least 90% of the guns.

Let’s hope the normies are right. But the experience of the Russian Empire in the first half of the 20th century offers food for thought. Because the Bolshevik Revolution saw a minuscule largely non-Russian minority seize absolute power, a power with which they then deployed to horrific effect on the native Russians. Tens of millions were slaughtered, while many more disappeared into the gulags, never to return or else to return broken in body and spirit. Russian historian Dmitri Volkogonov, head of a special Russian parliamentary commission, recently concluded that “from 1929 to 1952, 21.5 million [Soviet] people were repressed. Of these a third were shot, the rest sentenced to imprisonment, where many also died.” That unfortunate country, which historically has endured more than its share of misery, never experienced anything like it before or since.

Only a very small proportion of the Bolsheviks were ethnic Russians. As Putin himself acknowledged before a Jewish audience (who I can imagine shifting uneasily as he spoke), about 85% of the leading Bolsheviks were Jews though Jews represented a mere 2% of the overall population. Many of the remainder were ethnic Georgians, Armenians, Poles or Balts. (I’m including Ukrainians as Russians). Yet they seized power and unleashed a terrible vengeance on the Russian people.

The Myth of Planetary Overpopulation

The Myth of Planetary Overpopulation

DR. JACQUELINE KASUN professor of economics at Humboldt State University in California, observes in her 1988 book The War Against Population that:

(1) No more than 1-3% of the Earth’s ice-free land area is occupied by humans.

(2) Less than 11% of the Earth’s ice-free land area is used for agriculture.

(3) Somewhere between B and 22 times the current world population could
support itself at the present standard of living, using present technology.

(4) This leaves 50% of the Earth’s land surface open to wildlife and conservation areas.


Stolen Birthrights Jacob, Esau, and Healing The Politics of Revenge

Stolen Birthrights Jacob, Esau, and Healing The Politics of Revenge

Publisher’s Note: Obviously the author of this article sees the Jews as being Israel, and not Edomites themselves, but nevertheless contains some useful information.

THE CONFLICT BETWEEN THE ISRAELIS AND THE PALESTINIANS is similar in many ways to that between the United States and Latin America. Is there a connection?

As Israel has spread among the nations, so has Edom. Prophecy says that a time would come, when Jacob’s sins would allow Esau to revolt against him [Gen 28.39-41]. Esau would inhabit some of the drier areas of the earth, be dominated by Jacob, have a bitter vendetta against him, and eventually throw off Anglo-Saxon/Israeli rule.

US-Latin American relations reads like a Jacob and Esau story. Esau was the red-skinned macho man, a warrior and a hunter. He would give you the shirt off his back but if you crossed him, he would likely kill you. Jacob was the Anglo, easy-going, money-minded, but ready to rip you off. Even though God intended Jacob to get the birthright, Jacob went out and stole it and Esau’s descendants have never forgiven him.

The Greeks and The Hebrews

The Greeks and The Hebrews

THE RELATION BETWEEN THESE TWO PEOPLES (Greeks and Hebrews) of the ancient Mediterranean is seldom mentioned. Evidence that the oldest language of Crete is Semitic, however, suggests that the two cultures have common roots.

The classical civilizations of Greece and Judea have traditionally been regarded as entirely distinct cultures, yet today two lines of evidence are combining to support the hypothe­sis that they have a common back­ground. One line of evidence falls within the realm of historical and literary scholarship; the strength of its case lies in vivid parallels between early Greek and early Hebrew literature.

The other is essentially archaeological and linguis­tic: in the past few years it has become increasingly apparent that the oldest inscriptions found on the island of Crete are written in a Semitic tongue. My own familiarity with both kinds of evidence arises from the study of the ancient texts, monuments and history of the Mediterranean; it is coincidence rather than intention that has brought me to this dual examination. poles apart in Western thought, as though the ancient Greeks had never known re­ligious inspiration and their Semitic neighbours had been devoid of reason.

The rise of skepticism undoubtedly played an invaluable role in freeing men’s minds from the fetters of super­stition. It is significant, however, that it required an almost childlike faith in the validity of ancient literature to open the modern era of archaeological discovery. The great 19th-century ar­chaeologist Heinrich Schliemann loved and believed in Homer.

Hoskins Report The Naphidem Stranger

Hoskins Report The Naphidem Stranger

Sons of God

Without supporting information, the following makes little sense to most – Verse:–

“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them. That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose and they bare children to them.” Gen 6:1-4.

THERE ARE BOOKS AVAILABLE WHICH MAKE CLEAR THE OF THIS AND MEANING OTHER VERSES LIKE IT. It isn’t until one actually studies some of these books well known at the time of Jesus, and some which were actually used by him, that the answer becomes clear – and the answer is very important. It colours every thing that follows, and is certainly the reason that the Roman empire censored what men read.

Let’s fill the missing gaps with information from books from Jesus’ time such as I & II Enoch, Jubilees, I & II Adam and Eve, Jasher, and Josephus.

Adam Disobeyed

Adam and Eve were spirits made in the image of God the Word. They listened to the Serpent and were banished from the Garden of Eden. Most people speculating on the location of the Garden of Eden look in the wrong place for the Garden of Eden which is a heavenly place[1], a spiritual garden, made for a spiritual Man, a spiritual condition to which he will return in three score and ten years. Man’s first and natural condition is spirit. On earth, God clothed their spirits with earthy bodies[2] which had earthly needs such as food and drink, our earthly bodies wear out – Adam and Eve also needed children to replace themselves if Adam-Man was to remain on earth and not die out![3]

Hoskins Report German Feast of Orders

Hoskins Report German Feast of Orders

ONE RAINY EVENING THIRTY YEARS AGO I WAS HONOURED BY THE VISIT OF A DAMP EMPLOYEE OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. He was getting old and he huffed and puffed as he walked up the three flights to our small apartment in Richmond. Unknown to his superiors he was a genius. He had graduated with honours from the University and was a walking encyclopaedia of everything and everyone past and present.

We sat drinking coffee before the warm radiator and he told me a fascinating story. One that I had never heard before and one that I have not been able to find reference to since.

It’s the type of story one relegates to the land of wishful thinking except that I knew the narrator. He was most exact in choosing his words. And, too, it’s the type of story the Establishment loves to black out of Saxon histories.

I’m telling the story as I remember it. I have forgotten the exact names of the “orders” he mentioned, and doubtless many of the lesser details, but the story in the main is as it was told to me on that rainy night.


Before World War I, a great banquet was held once a year in Germany. It was called the “Feast Of Orders”. The Kaiser himself presided. Before him dined the elite of Germany.