The National Socialist Writings of Steve Stein

The National Socialist Writings of Steve Stein

About The Author

Pictured here in the visit park of Union Correctional Institution is Steve Stein, author of the National Socialist essays in this booklet.

Steve was born on March 6th 1968 in Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up in the west he became racially aware as a teenager, when illegal aliens began flooding across the border. With his formerly all white neighbourhood soon becoming mixed.

“It wasn’t just the people that had changed, everything was different. When I was young, kids used to be able to run around at night, and nobody ever worried about something bad happening. Then all of a sudden there was crime and drug problems, and you just didn’t see people about after dark anymore, they were simply afraid.

It was exactly the same when I began working in construction. There were a lot of jobs you just couldn’t get because illegals were doing them for next to nothing pay. I guess I not only learnt about racial problems, but social ills too.”

Steve is currently incarcerated on Florida’s “death row.” There are many aspects we cannot discuss at this time regarding this, as he is appealing his “death sentence,” but it was in prison that he met John Hardwick, who introduced him to Adolf Hitler – the man that would change Steve’s life.

“He loaned me his copy of “Mein Kampf” and I was blown out by what I read. Later I read about Commander Rockwell saying that when he read it, that was the end of who he had been, and the beginning of an entirely new person. And I knew just what he meant! All the answers were in there. Everything that had troubled me, but which I couldn’t piece together became clear.”