New Ensign 174 February 2024

The Trump Card

There has over recent months been much speculation as to whether Trump will win the next election to be the knight in shinning armour come to remove the evil from within the USA body politic. It would be great if it were to happen!

However, Intel received, paints a much more sinister picture. Its the good cop, bad cop scenario. Following Trump’s victory over Hilary Clinton, it did appear that he was “draining the swamp”, but nothing really earth shattering occurred.

While he was in Office, one disaffected elite made a recording, not to be released until after his death,warning how Trump would be used to bring the NWO plan’s to fruition. First he would be used as a honey trap to attract USA patriots, so they could be identified and subsequently eliminated, for which purpose c-o-v-i-d conveniently came along. No surprise, Trump was at the fore demanding maximum uptake of the jabs and forced vaccination.

Peoples’ memories are short, a few years have gone by and already the patriots and disaffected are routing for Trump again!

Not only that, it has come to light that his son-in-law Jared Kushner during Trump’s term of office was in fact de facto president residing in building number 666, 5th Avenue New York. For all we know Kushner may still be still be in the same post using demented Biden as proxy, who has done a marvellous job in raising the popularity of Trump.

One also has to take into account that the WEF’s plan is to do away with national governments and rule through local authorities of each nation state. Here in the UK one can already see LA’s being geared up to do this by endeavouring to implement 15 Min. Cities!

With this in mind, something may be caused to happen that will necessitate the cancelling of elections, proclaiming marshal law which will be administered locally with an army already to hand disguised as immigrants billeted in 5* hotels. to enforce it! But praise Yahweh we know their evil plans won’t succeed!!

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New Ensign 174 February 2024
New Ensign 174 February 2024

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