Our Nordic Race

Our Nordic Race

MANY PEOPLE THINK OF THE “RACE PROBLEM”, in terms of the “block buster” in the next block, the- “interracial marriage” in the newspapers, or “forced race mixing” in the schools. Too few associate these incidents with things like Pearl Harbour! An entire battle fleet wrapped in flames with thousands of dead; the cherry blossom Mikado Myth exploding into a cloud of planes, bombs, and spitting machine guns!

Today the entire world is seething with unrest. The line of conflict is found wherever the protective ring of outposts of our Western civilization comes in contact with the now belligerent and aggressive nations of the coloured world.

The problem is not one for the emotions, rather, it is a critical problem which will be solved only by the cold processes of the intellect. What is happening now has happened before. To know the errors of the past is to
avoid almost certain destruction in the future.

How did our ancestors cope with the problem? What is the history of our past contacts with coloured peoples? What did Rome do? Who were the Romans? Who are we?

The answer to all the other problems stems from the answer to this one question: Who are we?