A Voyage Into Tartary

A Voyage Into Tartary

A Voyage Into Tartary
Heliogenes De L’epy

Containing a curious description of that country, with part of Greece and Turkey, the manners, opinions, and religion of the inhabitants therein, with some other incidents.

With part of Greece and Turkey; the Manners, Opinions, and Religion of the Inhabitants therein; with some other Incidents. By M. Heliogenes De L’ Epy Doctor in Philosophy.

Primi Mortalium quique ex his geniti naturam incorrupti Sequebantur, eamdem habeant & ducem & legem, commissi melioris arbitrio. Sen. Ep. XC
London, Printed by T. Hodgkin,
and are to be sold by Randal Taylor near Stationers Hall.

Front page illustration

depiction of a female figure wearing a long floral dress and wreath or crown, receiving a box or casket from a boy; behind and above groups of figures play wind instruments or pipes. The Priestess of the Son, presented with a Casket of Gold by a youth in the Temple.