Tracing The Cymry

Tracing The Cymry

CYMRY IS THE MODERN NAME FOR THE DESCENDANTS OF THE WELSH AND I BELIEVE THE CORNISH. It is pronounced Kumri. Tradition and history link these Cymry to an ancient people who roamed Europe in by-gone days.

These people were known by various names in their wander in Posidonius, whom Strabo quotes, said that the Greeks called them Kimbroi and Katin writers called them Cimbri ( Kimbri ) Plutarch in his “Life of Marius,” also identified the Kimri with the Kimmerori. In the century before Caesar they became known to the Romans by the harsher pronunciation of Kimbri. The Teutons (Germans) called them Cambria or Cimbri. Other names for them were Cimmerians, Kimmerians, Gimeria, Gimri, Kelthr and Cimmerii. Rawlinson connected the Cimmerians with the Kimbri of the Romans and the Cymry of Wales.

The Welsh Triads state that the Cymry were the first inhabitants of Britain. Hu Gadern, or Hu the strong or mighty led his people from a region around the city of Defrobani, later called Constantinople and now named Istanbul, into Britain. He is reported to be the author of the Triads, the Annals of the Cymri (page 25) which speaks of their sojourn, “In the land of Hav.” (Constantinople):

The people, “rebelled against God and His fundamental Truths; sinning and committing injustice with daring transgressions; for which He poured upon them His retributive vengeance; whereupon dispersion and devastation issued; upon which they became nearly extinct, having lost their territories and national rights.