The Painted Savages of England

The Painted Savages of England

THE SUBSTANCE of the following pages was given as a lecture at The College, Harrow Weald Park. In issuing the lecture in printed form as a Hand-book I have thought it advisable to give in full the speeches of Caradoc, Boadicea and Galgacus. This was not possible in a single lecture; but it is only by reading these noble utterances in full that we can visualize the circumstances and appreciate the lofty sentiments expressed therein.

Further, as some readers may not have at hand the works of Tacitus from which the extracts are taken, it seemed best to give what I have given here.
While this little book does nothing more than bring together in compact form information with which most students of History are familiar, it may
be that to some the information will come as new and useful.

If this book should prove to be of service to those who are seeking to spread the truth, it will serve the purpose intended. It is only as our message is based upon established facts that we can hope to succeed in enlightening those “who sit in darkness.”

I have not thought it necessary to labour the distinction between British and English. It’s enough to show that this land was blessed with culture long before the coming of the English and with Christianity long before the arrival of Augustine.


The College
Harrow Weald Park
October 25th, 1934

The United States of America Foretold In The Holy Scriptures

The United States of America Foretold In The Holy Scriptures

Rev. Pitts: In entering the sublime arcane of inspired prophecy, we are deeply impressed with a scene that is laid in the land of Midian, where, from the burning bush, the voice of Almighty God arrested the attention of the wondering prophet:

“Put off thy shoes from off thy feet: for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”

NO SUBJECT PRESENTED TO THE HUMAN MIND IMPOSES PROFOUNDER REVERENCE, GREATER CAUTION, AND DEEPER RESEARCH, than an elucidation of prophetic truth; and yet no theme has been more prolific of fanaticism among the incautious and adventurous in almost every age.

We must look to the Scriptures themselves for direction to a true and legitimate interpretation of their own meaning. It is important also to discriminate between “secret things that belong to God, and things that are revealed, which belong to us and our children.” For want of this discernment, Millerism, and all that class of fanatical fancies, have deluded misguided thousands.

Whenever, therefore, an interpreter of prophecy attempts to tell when the day of judgment will come, just rest assured he is wise above what is written; for we are taught by the Great Prophet himself, “Of that day, and hour, knoweth no man; no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. “This Divine announcement should always quiet such unauthorized pretensions.

Our Scythian Ancestors Identified With Israel

Our Scythian Ancestors Identified With Israel

OUR SCYTHIAN ANCESTORS is a common term which may be found in the most epitomised history of our origin: but though it takes us half way to our goal, the second half is not so easily bridged; and the problem is before us to identify these our Scythian ancestors with the lost tribes of Israel.

There is in our national status and mission more than sufficient to convince any thinking person that we are in the position assigned by God to the seed of Abraham, doing, in fact their duty, and enjoying the blessings promised to them. It seems unreasonable, and worse than unreasonable, to suppose that God, who foreknew the backsliding of Israel, would have held out promises and hopes to Abraham regarding his seed, when He had foreordained or foreknew that that seed should not attain to them; and that declining to use any longer the seed of Abraham as His main instruments, He purposed to pick up, and about the time of Moses was actually preparing, a gang of obscure wanderers, with whom He decided to continue, in this more blessed dispensation, as plan for the regeneration of the human race.

“I called him (Abraham) alone.” (Isaiah 51:2)

“Ask now of the days that are past, which were before thee, since the day that God created man upon the earth; and ask from the one side of heaven unto the other whether there hath been any such thing as this great thing is, or hath been heard like it; Hath God assayed to go and take Him a nation from the midst of another nation?—-Unto Thee it was showed that thou mightest know that the Lord He is God: and, because He loved thy Fathers, therefore He chose their seed after them, and brought thee out in His sight with His mighty power out of Egypt.” (Deut. 4:32)

British-Israelism to Christian Identity & the Palestine Campaign

British-Israelism to Christian Identity & the Palestine Campaign

TRANSLATING THE BIBLE INTO ENGLISH HAD AN ENORMOUS IMPACT ON ANGLO-SAXON CULTURE. Most importantly, Britons began to feel an identification with the characters of the Old Testament. This identification eventually created a movement called British-Israelism. The theology of British-Israelism and its racially-aware offshoot of Christian Identity is described by Michael Barkun in his 1997 book Religion and the Racist Right.

The concept behind British-Israelism is the belief that the British people are descended from the “10 Lost Tribes” of Israel. The 10 Lost Tribes disappeared from history after the northern part of Israel was conquered by the Assyrians. (This is described in the Old Testament’s Second Book of Kings.) As such, the British people are God’s “Chosen People” and are expected to play an important role in the final battle between good and evil within Christian eschatology.

Sinim: A Biblical Mystery Land

Sinim: A Biblical Mystery Land

IN AN IMPORTANT PASSAGE OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY, Isaiah 49:12 says, “Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim.” Where is Sinim, and who are the objects of the prophecy?

The Bridgeway Bible Commentary designates the passage in Isaiah 49:8 to 50:3 as, “Israel rebuilt.” We are told, “Once more God promises the return of the captive Hebrews to their homeland.” Our specific key verse in this prophecy therefore relates to exiled Israel, leading some expositors to think that the mysterious name Sinim reveals the location of the lost ten tribes.

Famous 19th century evangelical commentator John Trapp agrees and thinks that lost Israel is to be found in China: “Botterus (cf. Arias Mont., Osorius, A. Lapide) saith that there are reckoned seventy millions of men, which are more than are to be found in all Europe; and who knows but many of those of the ten tribes of Israel are there?”

Others look to China for the missing Israelites as well. The Scofield Bible says, “Sinim: The word is supposed to refer to a people of the Far East, perhaps the Chinese.” The Preachers Commentary concurs: “Sinim (a name often given to China, which represented the end of the earth).”

Barnes Notes suggests we may find lost Israel in China on philosophic grounds: “It may be added, that this is the only place where that country is referred to in the Bible, and there may be some plausibility in the supposition that while so many other nations, far inferior in numbers and importance, are mentioned by name, one so vast as this would not wholly be omitted by the Spirit of Inspiration.” If this is an appropriate determinant to identify China, why not America? Barnes does not similarly feel it peculiar that evangelicals believe the USA is wholly omitted in Scripture!

The Hoskins Report – Saxon Identity

The Hoskins Report – Saxon Identity

Fireside Chat

“Grandma, Why do you always study your ancestors?”

“To find out what our rights are, son,” she replied. “What rights?”
“Well, let me try to explain. We have rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They were guaranteed to our grandfathers and to their descendants forever. If someone took away our rights, we might get them back some day if the old rulers return to power.”
“That’s the way it was in Scotland and England. Rights and possessions were given to our ancestors and their descendants forever. We are the descendants. Our ancestor lost his possessions when a new king came to power. If a descendant of the old king comes back into power we might get our possessions back again.”
“Grandma, I don’t understand.”
“That’s all right, son. One day you will.”


THOSE WORDS WERE SPOKEN LONG AGO. Now, I’m pushing seventy, and for the first time I’m beginning to understand “enfiefment.”


Origins of the Anglo-Israel Message

Origins of the Anglo-Israel Message

YOU HEAR SO MANY STRANGE THINGS ABOUT BRITISH ISRAELITES. Who are they? where did this Anglo-Israel teaching have its origins? Are they a crazy racist cult, a new American sect? Opponents of Anglo-Israel, having little or no Scriptural evidence to refute our teachings, prefer to frighten sincere seekers for truth by seeking to smear British-Israel with the biggest tar brush possible. A favourite method seems to be that of claiming that the Anglo-Israel teaching originated with the writings of the deranged Richard Brothers, who was for a time confined to a lunatic asylum in the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century. Now I feel sure that you the reader would prefer the truth, and so we will trace the origins of our message and tell you of the many distinguished clergymen, evangelists and preachers of many diverse Protestant denominations who have held to our beliefs, as well as many members of our own British Royal Family.

Let us be clear about one thing, there was a knowledge of and writings about the Israel Identity of the Celto-Anglo Saxon and related peoples long before poor Richard Brothers ever stumbled upon this truth.

1) As long ago as the 6th Century A.D. an early British Historian Gildas named “the Wise” wrote at the era when the pagan Saxon’s were invading Christian Celtic Britain. He wrote that these events were taking place to the end that our Lord might in this land try after His accustomed manner these His Israelites whether they loved Him or not:

2) In 1314 A.D. the nobility of Scotland signed the Scottish Declaration of Independence at Arbroath Abbey. In it they stated their belief in the Israel identity of their people:-


Bad Teinach German Identity

Bad Teinach German Identity

Two members of Orange Street Congregational Church, London, were privileged to have been invited to the German annual Christian identity conference held at Haus Sonnenblick (a Christian establishment – see photo above) in the spar town of Bad Teinach (cover page) set in the beautiful countryside of the Black Forest. This was a 5 day conference held between 27th October and 1st November 2007.

The proceedings were ably organised and presided over by Heinz Mohrlock (Top left Next Page). The first meeting of the day on Saturday evening was given over to welcoming the attendees, with every individual being personally welcomed by the chairman and everyone being given an opportunity to say where they were from. As well as the two English members from Orange Street, the BIWF were represented by Michael Clark (President) and his wife and David Aimer (Secretary). There were others from true Israel countries, such as Holland, France and Switzerland. A number of people attended as day guests and over the conference period it is estimated that some 150 people attended. Unlike here in the UK, it was good to see that all age groups were represented.

Some Historical Background to the British-Israel Movement

Some Historical Background to the British-Israel Movement

IN 1914, THE THIRTY-FOURTH YEAR OF ITS PUBLICATION, The Anglo-Israel Almanac listed details of a large number of Identity Groups operating independently throughout the Britannic Isles and overseas in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and America. Out of these in 1919, was founded the British-Israel-World Federation.

Supported by many prominent people over the past seventy years this Movement has been giving sound instruction on prophecy and related matters to the promotion of Christianity among the Covenant Peoples, so protecting it from individuals and subversive organisations trying to put an end to Christian activity.

“The Banner of Israel” first published in 1877 by Robert Banks of Fleet Street continued until its incorporation in “The National Message” in 1926. “The National Message” was first published in 1922 and continued until 1981. These publications were available to members of the public. The Federation now produces “BIWF Quarterly” magazine for its members, as well as other literature.

The Federation has had many ups and downs during its existence, but most important, it has survived and is expanding again. The world wide decline in Christianity over the past thirty years is grievous, so the present is a vital time in our history, and with renewed support we can be influential in its revival.

King David’s Everlasting Dynasty!

King David’s Everlasting Dynasty!

Christ will sit on DAVID’S THRONE.…

Is the BRITISH THRONE, as some claim, the “Throne of David”?
Why does God call that Throne the “Throne of the LORD”?
How did it get from Jerusalem to London, England?

IS THERE BIBLICAL AND HISTORICAL EVIDENCE SHOWING THAT, IN THE 6TH CENTURY BC, the throne of David was transferred from the land of Israel to the British Isles? If so, how did that come about? Tracing back the history of the British Throne—from England to Scotland, then to Ireland, and back still further to the ancient KINGDOM OF JUDAH, is a most fascinating task!

But it is impossible to comprehend the true DIVINE ORIGIN of the British Throne without first grasping certain biblical prophecies which, over 3500 years ago, accurately foretold first the rise, then the PERPETUITY of that ancient Davidic Dynasty!

A Gripping Ancient Prophecy!

In approximately 1661 BC, the clan of Israel (or Jacob) journeyed to Egypt, where they remained for about 215 years (cf. Gen. 15:13-15; Exod. 12:1-42; Gal. 3:17). Just before his death, circa 1634 BC, the elderly Patriarch Jacob, under divine inspiration, blessed his twelve sons. To his son Judah, he said, “JUDAH is a lion’s whelp…. And as a lion, who shall rouse him? The Sceptre shall not depart from JUDAH nor a lawgiver [‘ruler’s staff] from between his feet, until SHILOH comes” (Gen. 49:10). That intriguing prophetic statement raises two important questions: