King David’s Everlasting Dynasty!

King David’s Everlasting Dynasty!

Christ will sit on DAVID’S THRONE.…

Is the BRITISH THRONE, as some claim, the “Throne of David”?
Why does God call that Throne the “Throne of the LORD”?
How did it get from Jerusalem to London, England?

IS THERE BIBLICAL AND HISTORICAL EVIDENCE SHOWING THAT, IN THE 6TH CENTURY BC, the throne of David was transferred from the land of Israel to the British Isles? If so, how did that come about? Tracing back the history of the British Throne—from England to Scotland, then to Ireland, and back still further to the ancient KINGDOM OF JUDAH, is a most fascinating task!

But it is impossible to comprehend the true DIVINE ORIGIN of the British Throne without first grasping certain biblical prophecies which, over 3500 years ago, accurately foretold first the rise, then the PERPETUITY of that ancient Davidic Dynasty!

A Gripping Ancient Prophecy!

In approximately 1661 BC, the clan of Israel (or Jacob) journeyed to Egypt, where they remained for about 215 years (cf. Gen. 15:13-15; Exod. 12:1-42; Gal. 3:17). Just before his death, circa 1634 BC, the elderly Patriarch Jacob, under divine inspiration, blessed his twelve sons. To his son Judah, he said, “JUDAH is a lion’s whelp…. And as a lion, who shall rouse him? The Sceptre shall not depart from JUDAH nor a lawgiver [‘ruler’s staff] from between his feet, until SHILOH comes” (Gen. 49:10). That intriguing prophetic statement raises two important questions: