The Painted Savages of England

The Painted Savages of England

THE SUBSTANCE of the following pages was given as a lecture at The College, Harrow Weald Park. In issuing the lecture in printed form as a Hand-book I have thought it advisable to give in full the speeches of Caradoc, Boadicea and Galgacus. This was not possible in a single lecture; but it is only by reading these noble utterances in full that we can visualize the circumstances and appreciate the lofty sentiments expressed therein.

Further, as some readers may not have at hand the works of Tacitus from which the extracts are taken, it seemed best to give what I have given here.
While this little book does nothing more than bring together in compact form information with which most students of History are familiar, it may
be that to some the information will come as new and useful.

If this book should prove to be of service to those who are seeking to spread the truth, it will serve the purpose intended. It is only as our message is based upon established facts that we can hope to succeed in enlightening those “who sit in darkness.”

I have not thought it necessary to labour the distinction between British and English. It’s enough to show that this land was blessed with culture long before the coming of the English and with Christianity long before the arrival of Augustine.


The College
Harrow Weald Park
October 25th, 1934