George Washington and Israel

George Washington and Israel

A STUDENT OF GENEALOGY DR BURHL B. GILPIN JUNIOR, DISCOVERED INTERESTING FACTS when his studies led him to obtain the genealogy of the Washington family.

In that record he found genealogical confirmation of the migration pattern of the Caucasians. The information is taken from a book in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., written by Albert Welles, titled Pedigree and history of the Washington Family.

This book contains the following information concerning the background of the beloved ‘Father of our Country’ – George Washington: “Odin (first King of Scandinavia, 70 B.C.) came from Asaland or Asaheim, east of Tanais. He endeared himself to the Asiatic subjects, successful in every combat.

Son of Fridulf, supreme ruler of the Scythians, in Asaland or Asaheim, Turkestand, between the Euxine and Caspian Seas in Asia He reigned at Asgard, whence he removed 70 B.C., and became the first king of Scandinavia. Died 50 B.C., and was succeeded by Sons who ruled in different parts of Scandinavia “Frode Fredigod, fourth generation, was King of Denmark at the time of Christ, died A.D. 35.

“Thorlin the Dane was the 32nd generation from Odin. He founded the
Washington family. Born about A,D. 1000. His ancestors came from Schleswig, in Denmark and settled in Ebor or Yorkshire, prior to the Norman Conquest.

“Colonel John Washington was the 51st generation from Odin. He migrated to America and settled in Virginia. He was the great grandfather of George Washington.”

Abraham and Brahma: Part I

Abraham and Brahma: Part I

THIS RESEARCH provided by cheap paper writing service will confirm that Abraham (of Muslim and Judeo-Christian faiths) was influenced by the Vedic understanding of Brahma (as Creator, Supreme Soul of the Universe, Sacred Knowledge or High Priest) and visa-versa.

The research will offer the Hindu a saintly example in Abraham of Vedic principles of Brahma and the Muslim, Judea-Christian believers an understanding of the spiritual background and inner prayer life of Abraham through his contemporary reflection in Vedic texts and commentaries (Vedas, Upanishads, et al). The reader from any background will come to gain insight into the spiritual history of the world and how reformers, saints and prophets always looked out for the poor in their efforts to relate with the Divine.

Baron Carl Gustav (Emil) Mannerheim (1867-1951)

Baron Carl Gustav (Emil) Mannerheim (1867-1951)

FINNISH POLITICAL AND MILITARY LEADER, EXPLORER, FORMER GENERAL IN THE RUSSIAN IMPERIAL ARMY, President of Finland from 1944 to 1946. C.G. Mannerheim supported close ties with Sweden and Western European culture and opposed communism as well as German national socialism. He was an excellent linguist and had wide international experience, which helped him to maintain wide international contacts at various levels. As one of the most influential characters of Finnish history from the Civil War to the late 1940s, the personality of Mannerheim has attracted various artists and writers, among them Ilmari Turja, Veijo Meri, Paavo Rintala, Paavo Haavikko and Jari Tervo.

“What is the quality which in the end is essential in a officer? Courage, yes, moral and physical courage, a sense of responsibility towards his problem and, at the same time, a sense of responsibility towards to those he commands. Initiative? Yes. Judgment? Yes. Personal tenacity in the most difficult situations? This is where we come nearest to the mark, I should think. Tenacity is what we must demand – that is what counts; but not only physical toughness, but also spiritual tenacity – what we know as spiritual strength. There we have, I think, what is the most important, the most essential quality, at least for those in highest authority – spiritual strength.” (C.G. Mannerheim according to General Heinrich, in Marshall Mannerheim & the Finns by Oliver Warner, 1967)

The Identity of Finland

The Identity of Finland

WE HAVE SEEN A MONUMENTOUS AMOUNT OF PROOF THAT ENGLAND AND THE U.S.A. ARE DESCENDENTS OF THE TRIBE OF JOSEPH and bear the name of Israel, but what about the other Isralitish tribes, and more specifically, what about the modern identity of the tribe of Issachar? Seeing that I was born in Finland and that Allan is of direct Finnish descent, we have a particular interest in the identity of the Finnish people.

The material presented is a composite of both of our research. Allan has contributed a great deal more than I have so most of the credit for the material presented actually belongs to him. (He is a university graduate of chemistry who is living in Montreal right now.)

In Gen. 49:14-15, God says that “Issachar is a strong ass couching down between two burdens; and he saw that rest was good, and the land that it was pleasant; and bowed his shoulder to bear, and became a servant unto tribute.”

Who Are the Québécois?

Who Are the Québécois?

ON OCTOBER 30, 1995, THE PEOPLE OF THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, CANADA, voted in a province-wide referendum. Its purpose was to determine the political destiny of Quebec vis-à-vis the rest of Canada. A “yes” vote would have meant that Quebec would become an independent sovereign state. As it happened, 50.6% of those voting chose to remain with Canada, only 1.2% more than those voting for independence — a difference of less than 50,000 votes out of an eligible 4.8 million . Yet the sovereignty referendum, the second in Quebec’s history, was only one example of the political tensions that have existed between Quebec and the rest of Canada for decades. Another vote in the “neverendum” process is likely.

Who are these passionate people, the Québécois (Quebecers) whose leaders clamour for a sovereign state—who demand to be maîtres chez nous (“masters in our own house”) free of Canadian control? What is their ethnic or racial origin and their place in world history? To answer that their ancestors “came from France” is not sufficient. This work will reveal the origins of the francophone (native French-speaking) people known as the Québécois. Evidence will be adduced from secular and Biblical history that points to a surprising ancestry for these people. Speculation will also be offered as to their future, in light of their origins and history. First, however, a brief review is necessary, especially for non-Canadians reading this work, of their more accessible past.

What Happened to Judah?

What Happened to Judah?

WHEN ONE APPROACHES BRITISH-ISRAEL TEACHING FOR THE FIRST TIME, the question most likely to arise is, “If we are Israel, why are we so unlike the Jews?” A straightforward and brief answer to this obvious question would be, “Because most of the Jews are not really Israelites.” Such a reply would be correct but hopelessly puzzling to most people, unless followed immediately by a detailed account of the respective histories of the separate and distinct kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The identity of the Jews is bound up with the history of the tribe of Judah, which is so complex in its divisions as to demand a separate study.

The Independent Tribe

The tribe of Judah appears to have shown its independence from the time of Jacob onward. Among the patriarch’s sons, Judah seems to have been leader. The older sons had been dismissed from the birthright responsibility because of weaknesses that disqualified them: Reuben was morally unstable; Simeon and Levi had shown cruel traits of character. Judah, who was evidently of attractive appearance, assumed the position of leadership. He acted as spokesman for the sons of Jacob and he seems to have held the “sceptre”, or rod of office, significant of leadership.

There is good reason for believing that there was such a rod of office in the Hebrew family from the earliest times and its possession by Judah was confirmed in the divinely inspired promise given to his family by Jacob, “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come.” The promise is a long one and we will not deal with the many other details here, but it is evident that Judah was being singled out for rulership, though the throne was not to be seen in Israel until many generations later.

Giants in the Bible

Giants in the Bible

12 Individual Named Giants Mentioned in the Bible


Early ancestor of all the giant clans in what became the region of Palestine, which included the Anakites, Emites, and Horites (Deut 2:10-12; 2 Sam 21:16,18,20,22; 1 Chron 20:4,6,8)


Father of a clan of giants living southern Cannaan (Num 13:28)


Forefather of Anak and the Anakim (Josh 15:13; 21:11)

Honoured as “the greatest man among the Anakites” (Josh 14:15)

The Anakite name for Hebron was Kiriath-Arba meaning “City of Arba” (Josh 15:13)


Because Debir was an Anakite city like Hebron (Josh 11:21), and because the former Anakite name for Debir was Kiriath-Sepher meaning “City of Sepher,” it must be that Sepher was the name of another Anakite patriarch like Arba (Josh 15:15)


The king of Bashan identified as the last of “the Rephaites” (Deut 3:11) ……..

The Hoskin Report Chapter 228 Sadducees

The Hoskin Report Chapter 228 Sadducees

THE SCRIPTURES SPEAK AT LENGTH OF ISRAELITES, Edomites. Jews, Pharisees, and Sadducees. Today’s preachers plead stupidity. This is their excuse for preaching “positive thinking” in place of the WORD. They say nothing about SADDUCEES. Mention of the ongoing war of the Sadducee against their ancient enemy – the WORD – never passes their lips. If it did, their listeners would tar and feather them.

Israel Into Captivity

1: Millions of Israelites taken into captivity. 2: The captivity. 3: Israel flees through Turkey. Some leave by the Black Sea and go onto the Danube and the Russian rivers where they are known as Goths. Some cross the Caucasus Mountains and are known by its name, and some move overland and are known as Scythians and Saxons. 4: Less than 50.000 of Judea return to rebuild the temple.

The Mongol a Short History

The Mongol a Short History

“(God) will destroy … the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations.” Isaiah 25:7

“Neither cast ye your pearls be/ore swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.“ Matt 7:6

THE SONS OF JACOB SEE ONLY TWO RACES IN THE WORLD; “Jacob” and “Esau”. The Sons of Jacob were appointed kings and priests. Esau was cursed and branded a murderer and deceiver.

Esau sent his merchants to Jacob who traded his pearls for Esau’s pretty ge-gaws in violation of God’s Law[1]. The merchants returned to Esau with Jacob’s pearls. Seeing Jacob’s pearls he wanted more.

Esau united and in a generation conquered an empire; built a nearly invincible army; and built a fleet that destroyed the fleet of a world-renowned European power in a day.

Following is history that is now hid from view but should be pondered as Jacob continues his Lawless affair with Esau.

A Short Study of Esau-Edom in Jewry (Annotation)

A Short Study of Esau-Edom in Jewry (Annotation)

THE FOLLOWING ARE HANDPICKED QUOTES FROM THROUGHOUT THE BOOK “A Short Study of Esau-Edom in Jewry” by British author C. F Lewis. The entire book is also provided here for download. Whenever these quotes refer to the Bible, the scriptural passage is also quoted for convenience. Page numbers from the Lewis book are provided. This study “fills in the gaps” of other essays on this website by proving with scripture and quotes from historians, ancient and modern, how Esau-Edom is to be found in modern Jewry. We are now living in what may be called “The age of Esau-Edom”, since Zionist anti-Christ Jews are the predominant political, economic, academic and religious force on the planet.

All of this they have achieved by usury, corporate monopolization, mass media propaganda, economic fraud and skimming at all levels, mass murder, assassination of key political figures, wars by proxy, nepotism and self-promotion, secret societies, mass immigration schemes against white nations and a plethora of other fine-tuned tactics (all outlined in the Protocols … of Zion) for which their satanic mentality is ideally equipped. According to Yahweh God, the seed of Edom “is spoiled”.