A Story of The Original Ku Klux Klan

A Story of The Original Ku Klux Klan

PULASKI, THE COUNTY SEAT OF GILES COUNTY, TENN., birthplace of the original Ku Klux Klan, is a town of about four thousand population, situated on the L. and N. Railroad, eighty miles south of Nashville, Tenn., and at the crossing of the highways extending from Nashville to Birmingham and from Chattanooga to Memphis.

The town was in antebellum days and still remains the seat of much culture and wealth. It’s citizenship is, and has always been composed of representative old families of the South. Many of their beautiful, old colonial homes have passed away and are passing day by day to decay.

Many still remain as monuments to the classic architectural ideas of their builders and to the high-bred, hospitable people who once possessed them and whose spirits still seem with aristocratic, stately mien to tread their vaulted corridors, with “the tender grace of a day that is dead.” Early settlers of this country came largely from North Carolina and Virginia, and there has been very little immigration from elsewhere.

Most of these rare old homesteads had splendid plantations connected with them. The situation was ideal for these plantations occupying as they did. in the language of another Tennessee writer, the “Dimple of the Universe.”

The owners of these homesteads and plantations were also owners of large numbers of Negro slaves whose occupation it was to work in these fields of cotton and of corn. The relation between slave and slave holder here in Middle Tennessee was nearly always one of mutual trust, kindness and friendly interest. It may not be generally known, but it is a fact, that Tennessee freed her own slaves and was not included in the emancipation proclamation.

The Sign of Satan

The Sign of Satan


Character and Claims of Freemasonry By Rev. Charles G. Finney (Ex-mason)

The following is a reprint of Chapter VII taken from Charles G. Finney’s work on Freemasonry. The complete book is sold for 75 cents paper cover and $1.25 cloth cover, at 850 W. Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois.

The work is self explanatory and discloses the awful possibilities if Freemasons are elected to any office either in Church or State.

Our investigations and researches into the best authorities on Freemasonry brings us to the conclusion that there can be no improvement in the social and economic life of any nation while Freemasons are elected to public office.

These hitherto untouchables are, through the higher reaches of their movement allied with, and are the willing tools of most of the subversive organizations that are now keeping the world in a perpetual state of unrest.

Individually they are a perpetual danger and collectively they are a menace to the peace of the world.

Freemasons are not free men, they are oath bound slaves to an International conspiracy, and that conspiracy is to destroy the present civilization and to build a glorified Judaism on the debris.

P. M.

The Secret Covenant of The Jewish Secret Society Known as The Order of The Illuminati

The Secret Covenant of The Jewish Secret Society Known as The Order of The Illuminati

I CAN’T GUARANTEE THE AUTHENTICITY of this document, although the context pretty much describes the truth as it is. We don’t know when it was written and exactly by whom, but it looks like it was composed by a British person if we look at the spelling of words, which is British English.

This information was sent to me by someone who for obvious reasons wants to be anonymous. This person gave me this reply when I asked if he/she could verify the authenticity of it:

“The document was passed to me by a gentleman who has long been a researcher into these things and it was meeting him that first caused me to search the web for more information. That’s how I came across your site. I think he was afraid to let me see it at first as he was unsure I could be trusted. He told me there are those who would kill to stop this information getting out. You will understand why I cannot reveal his name – I only know him by his first name anyway; he wouldn’t reveal his surname. I believe he works as a member of an aircrew, but precisely where I don’t know.

The Police State Road Map

The Police State Road Map

WHAT IS AT STAKE IS MORE THAN ONE SMALL COUNTRY; IT IS A BIG IDEA: A NEW WORLD ORDER, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind -­ peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law – George H.W. Bush, State of the Union Address, 29 January 1991.

There is a chance for the President of the United States to use this disaster to carry out what his father – a phrase his father used I think only once, and it hasn’t been used since – and that is a new world order- Senator Gary Hart, Council on Foreign Relations meeting, 12 September 2001
Noting that the European Union was coming to a turning point in its existence, the European Council which met in Laeken, Belgium, on 14 and 15 December 2001 convened the European Convention on the Future of Europe. The Convention was asked to draw up proposals on three subjects: how to bring citizens closer to the European design and European Institutions; how to organise politics and the European political area in an enlarged Union; and how to develop the Union into a stabilising factor and a model in the new world order. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, President of the Convention, Preface to the Draft Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, July 2003.

Once the legal and technological apparatus of totalitarianism is established, there exists the very real prospect of a permanent planetary dictatorship where human existence is micro-managed from cloud cuckoo land by a tiny ruling elite who are themselves above the law. – chapter 11,the book you are about to read…

A ‘new world order’ is a vision long shared by political leaders, industrialists, and intellectuals around the world. ‘Peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law’, what a wonderful idea! Strange then, that they have tried to conceal the reality of their vision from the wider public. For over thirty years, the European project was sold to the British people as little more than a benign free-trade agreement, despite the fact most of our new laws originate in Brussels and we are being asked to relinquish most of our independence under the European Constitution. The same process is underway on the American continent: NAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas are the basis for supra-national political bureaucracies based on the European model. Evolution rather than revolution is the chosen course because, as the Fabian Society noted, the wolf in sheep’s clothing stands a better chance of getting lunch than his colleague openly salivating amongst the flock.

The end game is one-world government: The relinquishing of sovereignty to continental mega-states and the unification of these power blocs under the United Nations. This is the geo-political skeleton of the New World Order, which its advocates realize most people would reject.

The Mystery of The Serpent

The Mystery of The Serpent

THE DISPOSITION of being improperly curious caused me to. enlist in the United States Navy in 1919. The second ship in which I served was the battleship, U. S. S. Wyoming, in which the chaplain was father Brady.

After getting accustomed to ship’s routine I began plying him with questions. First, I wanted to know all about the Catholic Church, because I had been brought up as a Baptist and did not understand his Sunday services, the first portion of which was ex­clusively Catholic. He gave me an old “dog-eared” Catholic history book and turned me loose on my own. Next, I wanted to know all about Biblical history, because I could not understand it. I also wanted to know what became of the ten-tribal House of Israel—the ten “lost” tribes.

Father Brady admitted he did not know what became of Israel, although he believed the people still existed amidst the Gentiles in similar manner as the Jews, their brethren. I argued, however,that the Jew is readily recognized by his peculiar mental and physical characteristics, and if he is a brother of lost Israel, then, is it not logical to believe the House of Israel would have the same character­istics? If so, where were they?—You cannot conceal a people who Jehovah declared to Abraham would ultimately be as numerous as the stars above and the sand on the sea shore. Father Brady could not answer.

On one occasion when I inquired of him the reason for wars between Christian nations of white men he said: “Sparks, in the first place, it is impossible to understand current events unless one in­quires into turmoil of yesteryear which still had its roots in the remote past. Wars do not happen of their own accord or by accident —they are man-made. One must understand the cause of things which seem of no importance or are incomprehensible. One must discover whether or not there are secret strings moving men to action or binding them to inaction during religious, political, financial and economical crisis which burst forth without warning and without any logical reason. One must know whether or not the rulers of nations are the real rulers or merely puppets. Above all, take the attitude of Sir Patrick Manson (1844-1922) who once said:

” ‘Never refuse to see what you do not want to see, or what might go against your own cherished hypothesis or against the views of authorities. These are just the clues to follow up, as is also, and emphatically so, the thing you have never seen or heard before. The thing you cannot get a pigeon hole for is the finger point showing the way to discovery’ .”

Apparently that was meant for a challenge. I accepted it as such, and in 1931 after being transferred to the U. S. Asiatic Fleet, I joined the Masonic Fraternity in quest of more light, and soon advanced to the 32nd degree in the Scottish Rite in which I began studying the Hindu Scriptures and comparing them with our Bible. That study was supplemented with the Divine Revelation in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh at Cairo, Egypt, Oriental and Occidental history in out-of-the-way books, papers, pamphlets and manuscripts which had escaped the censors.


The Mask of Edom

The Mask of Edom

THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA ON OCTOBER 2, 1984, World Zionism’s continuing propaganda blitz took on a new dimension. That evening, for two hours on prime time, a TV public broadcasting network began a weekly nine-episode showing on “Jewish Civilization.” This may well be the most extravagant pseudo-documentary of “the Jew’s wrote in Bible and secular history” ever contrived.

Not content to target the general public, the production is specifically aimed at the school-age children of North America. Here the series producers have achieved a virtual monopoly of classroom attention by students and teachers in the public schools. This announcement appeared in the “Public Schools Staff Bulletin,” October 5, 1984:


“Heritage is also being supported by the most ambitious educational program in the history of public broadcasting, designed to reach every secondary school and college in the U.S. and Canada. It was more than five years in production and is narrated by Abba Eban, former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations and the United States.”

It can be safely assumed that the private church schools of the evangelical fundamentalists, which aid and abet the Zionist Jews’ spurious Claims to the heritage and Land of Israel, will not fail to add this bonanza to their curriculum.

The Kingdom of Zion

The Kingdom of Zion

 Have you ever wondered why everything happens the way it does?
 Who could possibly benefit from all of the suffering and exploitation in this world?
 Does evil really exist and affect our lives?

This book is especially written for those who are aware of the existence of evil in this world, and who are entirely repelled by it.As I have explained extensively in my other books, ontologically there are basically two kinds of people in this world:

 Good (True, Theomorphic Beings)
 Evil (Counterfeit beings – robots and demons)

Mentally there are also basically two groups:

 those who accept evil, for they are evil or severely programmed by evil, and find little or nothing wrong with themselves, their families and friends, their institutions, their communities, their nation, and their world
 those who react automatically against evil, against abuse, exploitation, and injustice wherever they see them for they are not evil

A common illusion of the unaware, the “successful”, and those who do not seem to be suffering much, is that everything is okay, things are getting better, and the world order is essentially “good”.

But, the truth is, nothing is okay, things are getting worse, and the world order is temporally and spiritually evil. As hard as it might be for the average person to conceive, this world is ruled by evil.This book is to explore the nature of evil at the highest level, its origin, its unseen agenda, its support, its progeny, and its elect in this world. As the Gnostics have known and taught since time immemorial, there is duality in this dimension, this part of creation – Good and evil – and the two opposing forces have been at war ever since the demonic consciousness took hold in some parts of this sector of creation.

The war between the spiritual essences of Good and evil is largely on a spiritual level, yet it impacts and fates this physical world and all of its inhabitants. Only a fool or a demon would argue that evil does not exist, or that it is not getting worse in this world. What is occurring at this time is unprecedented: all evil is being exposed and will soon be destroyed forever, including the source of evil.

The Light in every form, as in the Beings of Light, is being withdrawn from this dimension, and evil with all its manifestations, including all evil beings, is being left to its final fate, total destruction. The permanent solution to the temporary problem of evil is on the way.

The Jews and Human Sacrifice

The Jews and Human Sacrifice

EVERY year, especially about Easter-time, there is a revival of the accusation that the Jews, or, if not all the Jews, certain Jews, make use of the blood of Christians for purposes of ritual. The charge is bound to be often repeated, so long as the replies to it are limited to the contradiction and exposure of the falsity of the reasons brought forward That is why I discuss the accusation in connection with the significance of blood as regards religious belief, and par­ticularly as regards the superstitions of humanity at large.

I expressed my opinion on the question, whether the Jews use Christian blood for ritual purposes, as far back as 1882, the year of the Tisza-Eszlar trial, in the Evangelische Kirchen-Zeitung (12th August, No. 32).

Further investigations (apropos of the Bernstein case, v.p. 144 sq.) convinced me more than two years ago, that, whilst I was correct in my nega­tive answer to the charge, it was possible, and even necessary, to base it upon a deeper foundation. I am now compelled to publish the results of my fresh researches by the renewal of the controversy about ritual murder in consequence of the assassination of an eight year old girl in Corfu during the night of the 12th to 13th April this year (v.p. 213 sq.) . . I have made it my special business to let the facts speak for themselves, and have almost confined myself to quoting, without alteration, the actual state­ments in the sources of information I have utilised: so anybody who wishes can arrive at an unbiased judgment for himself.

The facts I have had to bring forward are, for the greater part, of a very loathsome kind. But, in order to cure the terrible disease of superstition, we must first of all know the disease. . . . My exhortation to our Christian priesthood, to our whole Christian people is : Up and gird yourself for battle, not only against unbelief, but also against superstition ! When German Christendom, free from superstition, stands firm in true belief in the crucified Saviour, risen from the dead, the question, so far as concerns Germany, whether Christian blood is ritually employed by Jews, will be exploded and futile, for more reasons than one. 2 July, 1891. H. L. Strack.

The Hidden Hand The Protocols and Coming Superman

The Hidden Hand The Protocols and Coming Superman

I AM NOT AN ENEMY OF THE JEWS. For many years my written and spoken utterances have abounded with such phrases as, “There is a very real sense in which the Jews are God’s Chosen People. Taken as a whole they are the most’ remarkable race of people in the world. They have retained their existence as a separate and distinct people in spite of hundreds of years of persecution. The most ingenious methods have been used by other nations in seeking their destruction but they have weathered every storm. In the coming world crisis the Jew will play an important part in the drama of fulfilled Bible prophecy. And, let it be remembered that Jesus Christ came to earth dressed in the garb of a Jew.”

For nineteen hundred years these strange people have wandered over the earth, like the legend of the Wandering Jew, without a homeland; yet they have retained their race consciousness and are more firmly banded together today than any other nation in the world. This very thing makes them the great miracle of both history and prophecy. No other feature need be considered to confirm the fact that over them there exists a providential leadership.

The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue

WHEN, as a result of the favour of Oliver Cromwell and the exertions of Menasseh ben Israel, Jews settled again in London in the seventeenth century after an interval of some four hundred years, what is known as the Sephardi (Spanish and Portuguese) rite was followed in the Synagogue they established. This was natural: for the overwhelming majority of its members were former Marranos who had escaped from the clutches of the Inquisition in the Peninsula, or else their immediate descendants. From the beginning, though, the settlement was leavened by a few representatives of the Germano-Polish group, generally known (after the term applied by the Jews of the Middle Ages to Germany) as Ashkenazim. In essentials, of course, there was little difference between them and their coreligionists, though their immediate antecedents were distinctive, their standard of general culture lower, their economic occupations humbler, and their synagogal tradition (almost identical, in fact, with that followed by the mediaeval Anglo-Jewish community, before the expulsion of 1290) slightly different. It may be noted that the most stalwart of those few Jews who penetrated into England in the ‘Middle Period”–the mining-engineer Joachim Gaunse who was expelled for his outspoken religious views, and the Jacob Barnett who fled from Oxford rather than submit to baptism –both happened to be Ashkenazim.