The Kingdom of Zion

The Kingdom of Zion

 Have you ever wondered why everything happens the way it does?
 Who could possibly benefit from all of the suffering and exploitation in this world?
 Does evil really exist and affect our lives?

This book is especially written for those who are aware of the existence of evil in this world, and who are entirely repelled by it.As I have explained extensively in my other books, ontologically there are basically two kinds of people in this world:

 Good (True, Theomorphic Beings)
 Evil (Counterfeit beings – robots and demons)

Mentally there are also basically two groups:

 those who accept evil, for they are evil or severely programmed by evil, and find little or nothing wrong with themselves, their families and friends, their institutions, their communities, their nation, and their world
 those who react automatically against evil, against abuse, exploitation, and injustice wherever they see them for they are not evil

A common illusion of the unaware, the “successful”, and those who do not seem to be suffering much, is that everything is okay, things are getting better, and the world order is essentially “good”.

But, the truth is, nothing is okay, things are getting worse, and the world order is temporally and spiritually evil. As hard as it might be for the average person to conceive, this world is ruled by evil.This book is to explore the nature of evil at the highest level, its origin, its unseen agenda, its support, its progeny, and its elect in this world. As the Gnostics have known and taught since time immemorial, there is duality in this dimension, this part of creation – Good and evil – and the two opposing forces have been at war ever since the demonic consciousness took hold in some parts of this sector of creation.

The war between the spiritual essences of Good and evil is largely on a spiritual level, yet it impacts and fates this physical world and all of its inhabitants. Only a fool or a demon would argue that evil does not exist, or that it is not getting worse in this world. What is occurring at this time is unprecedented: all evil is being exposed and will soon be destroyed forever, including the source of evil.

The Light in every form, as in the Beings of Light, is being withdrawn from this dimension, and evil with all its manifestations, including all evil beings, is being left to its final fate, total destruction. The permanent solution to the temporary problem of evil is on the way.