New Ensign 162 February 2023

Time Running Out?

As we come into the second month of the New Year, some knowledgeable people will be asking, what happened to the order issued in the Privy Council of June 6, 2022 and approved by the late Queen Elizabeth II, where fiat currency was to be removed by not later than the first month of January 2023?

Is this an indication that the plans of “the powers that should not be” are faltering? We do know that the plot of the enemy is to crush Russia, the largest Christian country in the world, through their proxy the Ukraine which is collapsing following huge losses of men and ammunition to the point where the west is itself being seriously depleted of its own stockpiles!

It is still possible the “money reform” will be implemented early this month. Some commentators point to the date of February the second this year. It could be that removal of fiat currency will be implemented on that date, meaning everyone’s bank account will be zeroed, and the great reset takes place leaving the elite with their gold and silver money, while the rest will be on digital credit and thereby fully controllable by the system.

The date 2.2.23 is a significant one for the Illuminati since they would read it as 222 x 3 = 666, which is on their forehead, the favourite number of the beast controlling us.

The Scriptures tell us to come out of her (The Beast System) for who can make war with her? Therefore, in these dangerous times it behoves us to form our own local groups, exchanging services, growing one’s food and bartering, supporting local businesses rather than big corporations and thereby keeping wealth within the community or as they say starve the beast of money.

We know the dates and times of great events are wholly in the hands of Yahweh, but he has given us clues to look for as future events cast their long shadow before them. Praise Yahweh for protecting us thus far and we know he will continue to do so as long as we do not allow the enemy to beguile us!

The Editors

New Ensign 162 February 2023
New Ensign 162 February 2023

February 2023 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

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