New Ensign 161 January 2023

Bleak Mid-Winter

It is indeed a bleak mid-winter here in the UK, metaphorically and in actuality, at a time when people are making plans to meet up with family and friends, the powers that should not be have orchestrated train, postal, nursing and ambulance strikes and forecast power blackouts, making what should be a joyful period of the year has for some become a period of worry. From reports coming in, similar interruptions are occurring in other white nations.

However, unlike most of our readers, the public at large is unaware that we are under an occupational government, that down the centuries has been infiltrating our institutions and taking control of the levers of power. This situation was foretold in the Scriptures, but in the end we would prevail and the enemy would be burnt up as stubble.

Because the enemy has now become quite drunk with its own power and is becoming more and more reckless; consequently increasing numbers of people are waking up!

Its not all doom and gloom (except for those who are fixated to the MSM) as we move into this New Year of 2023. There have been many small victories. Not only that the enemy is having increasing difficulty in stopping the total collapse of their great censorship dam.

It is good also, at least in parts of the UK, that people are beginning to realise that it is necessary to bypass the Beast System and are forming their own local private services, for example there has been a large increase in home schooling, independent health clinics, food growing groups, buying from small businesses, local farms and keeping on cash.

Another good aspect is, people are becoming much more aware that the legislation churned out by Parliament is not law but statutes, often contrary to Common Law.
We praise Yahweh for His protection from these dangers that surrounded us during last year and know he will for this New Year!!

The Editors

New Ensign 161 January 2023
New Ensign 161 January 2023

January 2023 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

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