Statistics of Hot Summers – The Observer, July 18, 1852

Statistics of Hot Summers – The Observer, July 18, 1852

Statistics of Hot Summers

We know it’s a scam and here’s something to use as proof that the past was no different from today.

THE EXCESSIVE HEAT WHICH PREVAILS AT PRESENT (SAYS A PARIS PAPER) gives some interest to the following account of remarkably hot summers:—

“In 1132 the earth opened, and the rivers and springs disappeared in Alsace. The Rhine was dried up. in 1152 the heat was so great that eggs were cooked in the sand. In 1160, at the battle of Bela, a great number of soldiers died from the heat. In 1276 and 1277. in France, there was an absolute failure of the crops of grass and oats. In 1303 and 1304, the Seine, the Loire, the Rhine, and the Danube, were passed over dry footed.

In 1393 and 1394, great numbers of animals fell dead, and the crops were scorched up.

In 1440 the heat was excessive. In 1538, 1539, 1540, 1541, the rivers were almost entirely dried up. In 1356 there was a great drought over all Europe.