Wednesday Night Bible Study 6th April 1967

Wednesday Night Bible Study 6th April 1967

QUESTION: I thought Jeremiah was supposed to be St. Patrick but I see in one periodical that Patrick claimed that pirates seized young men on the west coast of Ireland, and sold them as slaves, and that he was one of them, and he died in England at the little Wattle church?

ANSWER: This is all a fallacy, the one known as Allah Follo was also St. Patrick, and Jeremiah, and is buried in Ireland, this is known as the burial place of St. Patrick, who was Jeremiah. The tradition says that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Jewry tried to get into that portion of Ireland where Black Irish are supposed to be, and Jeremiah drove all the Jews out of that area. They were called Black Irish because of their dress, and their hatred of the Jews. But Jeremiah drove all the snakes out of that area. Jeremiah and St. Patrick are one and the same not withstanding these stories which paint a picture of pirates that you mentioned.

QUESTION: Genesis 7:21; says all flesh died and from Noah and his three sons was all the whole earth repopulated, how do you explain that?

ANSWER: But it does not say that, “All flesh died that moved upon the earth both of fowl, and of cattle, and of every creeping thing which crept upon the earth.” This is all flesh that dwelt in that country, the word is, Eret, in Hebrew this means all that place or that area. But the flood of Noah’s time did not cover all the whole earth.