Wednesday Night Bible Study – 5th August

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 5th August

QUESTION: How could Eve being perfect still fall, She had a perfect body?

ANSWER: Well: you could have a perfect body and still be seduced.

QUESTION: Well we keep talking about this perfect body, but they fell in the flesh didn’t they?

ANSWER: That’s right, there wasn’t anything wrong with their bodies, they were enveloped in Light, and there was a foul consciousness resident in those bodies just like you. But they had been instructed not to intermingle with any of these other races. This was the basic instruction they were given, this other tree they were not to mingle with was, ‘The Tree of Good and Evil’ and was a racial tree. Of all the trees which had fruit for food they could partake of, but there was no race with whom they were permitted to intermingle with. There was no race existent in the earth that hadn’t had knowledge of Good and of Evil through the Luciferian influence, for Lucifer was now king over this earth, and Prince of the powers of the air.

Lucifer knew that this was going to be a new Household, and he wanted to contaminate and destroy it before it got started. So Lucifer or Azazel seduced Eve, he talks her into this. Adam and Eve had already beheld races and people and some were like almost Nomads while others were moving with all kinds of wealth and majesty and Glory, and Lucifer’s household was all decked with Jewels, for he went overboard for Jewels and Jewelry and magnificent clothes. We are told in the earliest writings of Enoch and Job and also in the early Zohar as to what a tremendous impression Lucifer made. So he just talked Eve into an attitude of mind in which he said: if YAHWEH said this, it is because He doesn’t want you to be radiant like we are, and to possess all these things.