Wednesday Night Bible Study – 12th August

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 12th August

QUESTION: How do people react to God?

ANSWER: Well, they react to Light. Essentially everything reacts to Light. Everything in the creation has to react to the creation. But the Creator is not a reaction. He is a causation. Even for HIM to think or to design, or to process, is to put it into operation. No, God does not react to people. He is the Causation. However, God directs responses which you might call reaction. But it is only the cycle of human perception and request. After a man finds a need in which he reaches out to God, the discovery of such a need originates with God who stimulated the consciousness of the individual.

Therefore, prayer doesn’t start with man. It comes forth as an impulse from God. Comes to an area of cognition of need within an individual. And returns as a cycle of completed awareness, and God answers this. Where as an individual who just on his own, asks as he wants something he decided, without a particular purpose or impulse starting it out, then this is what we call ‘cycling prayer’, this is a Gimmi (give me)prayer. There are lots of these prayers. They didn’t ask because it was constructively necessary but just because they wanted it. So some of these things just depend upon the initiative of energy other than a whole long focal chain of events. But remember is directly Causation not Reaction.

QUESTION: What is the Biblical position on divorce. And how did it effect this putting away of these outsiders that Israel married and brought in?

ANSWER: We answered, or discussed Divorce about a week or two ago. And it is on tape.