What The Eurocrats Have In Store For Us

What The Eurocrats Have In Store For Us

THOUSANDS OF POUNDS are being spent to induce our nation to give up its sovereignty. Read The Treaty of European Union and supporting documents PE/87/00 Fin.B. and European Communities 1-1200/83/B of 30th January 1984; from the Office European Parliament, 2 Queen Anne’s Gate, London.

Members of the Euro-assembly are elected from an electorate of 500,000,000 voters. At the recent Euro-Election held in Britain only a third of the voters went to the polls. Members of the Euro-Assembly represented as little as 8½ to 12 percent of the electorate. Such a lack of interest hardly constitutes a mandate for what is happening in the Assembly.

On the 14th of February an entirely new and revolutionary Treaty of European Union was adopted by the Assembly. This Treaty was put before the Assembly by the Communist Spinelli and was approved by an overwhelming majority.

The Euro-Assembly was given the task of drafting the Treaty of Union “because it. Is the only political Institution of a parliamentary type to be endowed with the highest political legitimacy recognised by the democracies.” Note the shadow of deceit.

The strategy to confer legitimacy on this treaty took the form of the European elections on the 14th of June; and was intended as a very cleverly contrived coup d’etat.