The Province of Ulster Flags

The Province of Ulster Flags

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE ULSTER FLAG (SIX COUNTIES). Why two Ulster Flags? Well, it is simple. Ulster traditionally was made up of nine counties. Six of these counties make up Northern Ireland while the other three are part of the Irish Republic.

The Ulster Flag (Nine Counties) is therefore the flag of the province of Ulster as it was in ages past while the Ulster Flag (Six Counties) is the flag of the six counties that make up Northern Ireland.

It is a composite flag made up of the cross of the De Burgh family and the Red Hand of Ulster, often associated with the O’Neill family, two of the most prominent families of Ulster.

The Red Hand of Ulster is linked to the one of the twins of Judah as described below:-

Zarah and Pharez: In the last four verses of Genesis 38, we find recorded the birth of twin sons to Jacob’s fourth son Judah. Notice what these verses say: