The Octopus

The Octopus

THE most colossally-financed, “O.G.P.U.”, coercive spy and propaganda machine in the United States is the pro-Red, anti-Christian B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League (with an appropriation of a half million dollars for 1938 alone—”B’nai B’rith Magazine”, 6/38). Through its Gen­tile accomplices, it reaches even into the private mailing list of the individual. Its propaganda and-ramifications extend from coast to coast. Your information concerning national and world affairs is coloured by it. “B’NAI B’RITH serves American Jewry”, is its slogan.

Its aim, in which it largely succeeds, is national control, through coercion or inducements, of speakers, books, arti­cles, sermons, radio preachers, renting of halls for public meetings—in brief, of American freedom of speech, press and assembly. It stops at nothing in its efforts to publicly discredit any individual who dares oppose or expose any subversive activity that is Jewish, or who mentions anything unflattering to Jewry. It is breeding, instead of less­ening, anti-Semitism.
As a smokescreen, in 1938, it announced that it is against “Communism”, as well as “Fascism”, whereas its official organ, “B’nai B’rith Magazine”, now called “The National Jewish Monthly”, without exception, praises and never crit­icises Marxists (Communists and Socialists), Jewish and Gentile, of every label.

The uninformed public is unaware that Communism and Socialism are names for the identical system of Karl Marx, which is also furthered under many other group and party labels.