The Growing Menace of Freemasonry

The Growing Menace of Freemasonry

DISRAELI, SPEAKING AT AYLESBURY, 20TH SEPTEMBER, 1873, SAID:—”I can assure you, Gentlemen, that those who govern must count with new elements! We have to deal not with Emperors and Cabinets only. We must take into consideration secret societies, who can disconcert all measures at the last moment, who have agents everywhere, determined men, encouraging assassinations, and capable of bringing about a massacre at any moment.”

The Conspiracy of Silence.

“THE position claimed by Freemasonry throughout the Whole World is a peculiarly and radically exceptional one. It alone is never, except in rare instances, dis­cussed by the Press; indeed, it refused to allow itself to be discussed.”

“Although priests openly deliberate and pronounce upon all other points affecting the general interests of mankind; although Christianity with its system and doctrines, the State with its laws and constitution, are topics of free discussion; although the most intimate and personal concerns of individual persons are made public—Freemasonry alone, by the universal consent of Europe, is acknowledged to be a Noli me tangere! Everyone shrinks from speaking of it, as of an uncanny ghost. This phenomenon is an obvious proof of the immense power Freemasonry exercises in the world . . . . ”

This was said over 60 years ago by the Bishop of Mayence and it is still true to‑day. The time has arrived when this Con­spiracy of Silence must be dissolved. Freemasonry and the Jew Power (which is also surrounded by a vast conspiracy of silence) have for centuries been undermining Christian and Aryan civilisation.