The Epistle of Ignatius to The Romans

The Epistle of Ignatius to The Romans

1:1 Ignatius, who is also Theophorus, unto her that hath found mercy in the bountifulness of the Father Most High and of Jesus Christ His only Son;
1:2 to the church that is beloved and enlightened through the will of Him who willed all things that are, by faith and love towards Jesus Christ our God;
1:3 even unto her that hath the presidency in the country of the region of the Romans, being worthy of God,
1:4 worthy of honour, worthy of felicitation, worthy of praise, worthy of success, worthy in purity, and having the presidency of love, walking in the law of Christ and bearing the Father’s name;
1:5 which church also I salute in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of the Father;
1:6 unto then, that in flesh and spirit are united unto His every commandment, being filled with the grace of God without wavering, and filtered clear from every foreign stain;
1:7 abundant greeting in Jesus Christ our God in blamelessness.
1:8 Forasmuch as in answer to my prayer to God it hath been granted me to see your godly countenances, so that I have obtained even more than I asked;
1:9 for wearing bonds in Christ Jesus I hope to salute you, if it be the Divine will that I should be counted worthy to reach unto the end;
1:10 for the beginning verily is well ordered, if so be I shall attain unto the goal, that I may receive mine inheritance without hindrance.