Parking Fines – Template Letter

Parking Fines – Template Letter

YOU GET A PARKING TICKET THAT’S ISSUED BY A PRIVATE CONTRACTOR AS TO AN AUTHORITY, such as your local council or the police, send them the following letter, amend it to apply to your situation. Private corporations cannot demand a penalty fare as penalty fares are irrecoverable at common law. They can only claim for actual losses. So if you are staying in a car park that is free, they haven’t incurred a loss or if you pay say £2 for 4hrs, they can only claim for £2. The following letter is from a solicitor/lawyer.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing in final response to your claim for £xyz supposedly due in relation to Parking Charge Notice 123456, issued on DATE.

You are probably aware Private Parking Companies rely on the law of contract as the basis for claiming and enforcing penalty notices. This differs from notices issued by police or local authorities that are issued pursuant to the Road Traffic Act 1991.