Looking For The Lost Heirs

Looking For The Lost Heirs

HAVE YOU EVER STOPPED TO QUESTION THE INTENSE HATRED there is in the world for white Christians? The written intention of our heavenly Father Yahweh is expressed in His prayer when we pray, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

In keeping with this, is Yahshua’s statement that Yahweh’s servants have been on earth for thousands of years? The first of Yahweh’s people was Adam. When Yahweh couldn’t find a mate from among all the races then existing on earth, he made a mate for Adam out of one of his ribs. This servant race was and is to be the servants of Yahweh on earth, until every knee shall bend at the feet of Yahshua, our coming King.

The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is about one race of people Israel, in the Old Testament and also the New Testament. The enemies of our Christ hated him, and still do, with such a bitter hatred, they broke every then existing law to have Him suffer and die upon the cross. We know that this crucifixion could only happen because He had come to die for us, that we might enjoy eternal life with Him.

The bitterness of the slayers of Yahshua has never ended and they are just as determined now, as they were two thousand years ago, to destroy Christianity. These anti Christ Jews want to keep the family of Christ in constant ridicule.

The white race has been kept in darkness about their status and destiny on earth. Let’s look at the facts of the Bible as they show up in history. We then challenge you to examine the facts, as we present them to you from the Bible and history.