Israel Truth

Israel Truth

I THINK I HAVE POSTED THIS BEFORE BUT BECAUSE OF THE NEW PEOPLE who have joined my lists and others and because I have received many emails asking why is it so hard to show our White Brothers and Sisters the Israel Truth and why it is so hard for them to accept it after it has been shown to them very clearly, that I will post it again for them.

Well I could say it is because of the Jews (Kenites) and their boot-licks, and lap-dogs that keep telling them just the opposite and they accept that because it is what they have been taught all their lives, by their pastors, ministers, school teachers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and by others that love them and wish only the best for them. And would not willingly teach them false doctrine if they knew the truth.

I could say that the blame lays on the Judeo-Christian clergy, and would be far closer to the truth than to name any other source, but that is still not the entire answer.

The Answer Is Found in the Word of God Where He Says That His People (Israel, the White Race) Are Destroyed Because of Lack of Knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) and Not Only Are They Destroyed Because of Lack of Knowledge but They Refuse to Accept Knowledge When It Is Given to Them. (Hosea 4:6) and Because They Would Rather Believe a Lie than Accept the Truth. They Accept the Lies Readily Because They Wish to Do That, and Reject the Knowledge That Will save Them. (Jeremiah 5:31)