I Come as a Thief

I Come as a Thief

A MAN CANNOT BE A PODIATRIST AND TRIM YOUR TOE CORNS without passing an examination to prove that he is competent to provide this service. But, any fool can become a legislator, and a lot of fools do become one. Consequently our laws, as a rule, are the products of unskilled labour. In trying to draft a statute, it isn’t too difficult to word it so that anybody who is trying in good faith can understand it. The big problem is to word it so that somebody who is trying in bad faith, to misunderstand it, can’t do so.

We have a somewhat similar problem with the Bible. Somehow, no matter how plainly the Bible states something, it is always possible for some little sect to pick some verse out of context, and manage to completely misinterpret it and then make it a principal doctrine and off they go. We are going to learn about one of these doctrines.

Today, some of our major churches don’t really believe in the return of Yahshua. They don’t require their ordained ministers to claim that they believe they believe Yahshua is actually returning. Even those who do believe it, can get some surprising differences of doctrine about this subject. As to what the return of Yahshua will be like, there is a good deal about this subject in the Bible and it seems to me to be pretty clear. I want you to learn what some of the churches have done with this information.
Confusion has arisen because in Revelation 16: 15 Yahshua says, “Behold, I come as a thief.” When a thief, or burglar, breaks into your house and steals something, ordinarily we don’t catch him in the act, he gets away without us seeing him. Because of this short passage, some churches teach Yahshua is coming back but nobody will know He is here.