Hoskins Report Nine Million Germans

Hoskins Report Nine Million Germans

HOW THE ALLIES SOUGHT TO EXTERMINATE THE GERMAN PEOPLE AFTER WWII. A review of Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation. 1944-1950. By James Bacque. [London, England: Little Brown & Co, 1997] Reviewed by Michael A. Hoffman II and printed with permission[1].

ED NOTE: This book has already been taken out of print. The Establishment’s media will not discuss the subject. Remember, these are our brothers and sisters who were exterminated without reason while held defenceless. The WORD does not allow this.

This courageous history is the latest in a string of valuable revisionist counter-intelligence books such as Alfred de Zayas’ A Terrible Revenge John Sack’s An Eye for an Eye and Hugo Rasmus’ Schattenjahre in Potulitz, which detail the Allied Holocaust which resulted in millions of German deaths after the conclusion of the Second World War.

6 Million Jews?
What About 9 Million Germans?

This was worse than any ‘holocaust’ allegedly caused by the National Socialists in wartime, for this was post-war genocide after total surrender, against a completely prostrate people.