Gothic Ripples 82

Gothic Ripples 82

If World War III is successfully arranged, it will simply be a case of Gentile blindly warring with Gentile for the complete destruction of Gentile civilisation in Europe, the Jewish instigators looking gleefully on; for the Jews are in power on both sides. We have lately given evidence of the essential Jewishness of Bolshevism. Now we deal with the essential Jewishness of the chief partner among the Western Powers, the United States of America. Here are a few of the Key Appointments in that country as far as War and its Preparation are concerned:-

President. H. S. Truman, obviously part-Jewish at least, who says his favourite reading is the Talmud, and who prefers Jews as intimates.

His personal adviser is the Jew Sam Berger; the Jew David Niles recently retired in this capacity owing to anti-Jewish publicity on his position.