Germany Still In Juridical Limbo Part 2

Germany Still In Juridical Limbo Part 2

SIR REGARDING THE ARTICLE: “Germany still in juridicial limbo Part 1” In the article Mr. Ebel says: “Right now, “Germany rests on the 2nd Reich” and on the constitution of the Weimar Republic created on August 11, 1919, Wolfgang Gerhard Günter Ebel told AFP. This is the only legal constitution for Germany, according to Ebel, until a peace treaty is signed.


The Second German Reich (Deutsches Kaiserreich) has a constitution, accepted by all the relevant state organs, the Bundesrath and the Reichstag.
See here.

The “Weimar Republic” is a construct of criminal revolutionaries; it came into existence by the illegal overthrow of the Kaiser and his government and thus is illegitimate, – a criminal organization.

This is not my “opinion” … revolutions are NEVER legal; esp. when acted out by Jews!  All powerful politicians of Weimar were Jews. PLUS: The signators for “Germany” of the infamous “Treaty of Versailles” were all Jews.