False Identity – Hoskins Report – 257

False Identity – Hoskins Report – 257

A FEW MONTHS AGO I RECEIVED AN ADVERTISEMENT FROM THE NEW COUNTRY OF ISRAEL about a “Revolutionary New Discovery.” The discovery was that the people of northern Europe were descended from the ancient Israelites. I sent for the book and received The Tribes, The Israelite Origins Of Western Peoples[1].

This book was one more Jewish-authored book revealing “the amazing discovery that Saxons[2] are Israel.” It contained most of the same proofs that Bible students have long known.

It came with maps of the migrations of the tribes of the early Israelite-Saxons, their final places of settlement, and the counties in which they settled – Naphtali to Norway; Asher and Gad to Britain, Scandinavia and Germany; Dan to Denmark, etc.

Ben Israel’s Argument

The Jews have always known the truth about Saxon-Israel and have used the information, or not used it, as circumstances demanded. The entry of the Jews into Britain was a time when they needed to use it.