Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 141

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The Time of Mysteries Almost Over
(Oh! How We Wish This Would Prove To Be True)

MORE AND MORE THE MYSTERIES OF THE PART CONCERNING THIS ADAMIC RACE ARE BEING REVEALED in spite of the clamp put on this knowledge by the hand of the Desolator. In the past several years we have been uncovering from old books information to substantiate the things we learned from the Swift ministry, and we are finding that as we come to the climax of this age that even modern writers are now coming forth pointing out the many things which identify our race with the people of the BOOK. Bonnie Gaunt is one these writers who has been researching and uncovering more information she connects the symbolism of old monuments and such built by the Master Builders in certain portions of the earth. She is finding as we have that every thing built as these people followed the pathway laid out for them, is connected symbolically and geometrically with YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, that each left a message for his people and many continue unto this day to speak to anyone who pauses to look and listen.

What many of our people fail to understand today is that our Race, the Adamic Race came into earth possessing all the knowledge necessary to build and equip such a civilization. They also do not understand that this race came into earth with a definite purpose in mind, which was to build a Kingdom for their Heavenly Father, and that this kingdom should once and for all times stop the Satanic misleading of the created people of earth.