Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – December 1997

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – December 1997

From the Biblical Archaeology Review:

Archaeology personnel are having a hard time doing their work in Israeli. Politics, not religious law, rules the Ultra-Orthodox Demonstrators. It seems that as each development starts in Israeli, and you start to dig a foundation then you are of course digging down into a former civilization. For one civilization is built on top of another in that old ancient land.

As Archaeologists are called in when they hit something then they go through the findings and they have placed bones aside that are animal bones, but this group of ultra-Orthodox demonstrators race in and gather the bones claiming that they are of their ancestors and they must stop digging for this development for they will disturb the graves of their ancestors. This is very disturbing to the archaeologists in their work.

Jewish law does not prohibit moving tombs, if it is done with dignity and respect. The Talmudic sages understood that urban growth required the relocation of earlier tombs. Therefore they said that every tomb may be exhumed and moved. Historically there is nothing against it. Today, however, fierce protest over bones threatens to halt Archaeology in Israel.

A recently discovered piece of pottery recording a donation to the House of YAHWEH, may contain the oldest mention outside of the Bible of King Solomon’s Temple. The inscription indicates that a Judean king sent it to a temple contributor, as a donation for the Temple called the House of YAHWEH.