Culture War Against Christianity

Culture War Against Christianity

THE POLITICAL IDEOLOGUES, MEDIA BARONS, AND UNIVERSITY ELITISTS OF OUR TIME ARE GRADUALLY COALESCING INTO AN INFORMAL, but powerful coalition to impress their world view upon the general population of the western world. Of late, their vision and agenda has been tagged as the New World Order, for lack of a better term, that label is a useful description of what they seek to build.

They are truly intent on shaping trends and events in such a way that their precepts for life will become the standard for all those who will participate in civilized society; but if their plan succeeds then there will be no civilization and this can be proven by a study of history. These precepts cannot peacefully co-exist with genuine Christianity, thus they represent a clear and present danger to a Biblical lifestyle
The primary feature of the religion of the New World Order is Pluralism (read that Judaism). Although not part of the vocabulary of many Christians, it is a concept that most of us have been exposed to repeatedly. Simply put, pluralism is the religious / philosophical idea that there are many pathways to God and spiritual fulfilment.

Pluralism teaches that each of them is equally valid, and everyone should be encouraged to explore all of these various pathways, ultimately selecting whichever they find most appealing. Pluralism is Dogmatic, and embraces a relative approach to truth.