Church and Race

Church and Race

We are turning this afternoon to a sort of controversial subject. We have talked to you before about the Sword of Spirit and the Sword of steel, and it is most important that we recognize God’s plan and purpose in the earth. And also to understand that we are at a very crucial period in the history of our race. We have reached a time when we are now watching this approach to Peace conferences and another summits. We must now learn that there is no reaching for a summit upon the part of the people of God, when that conference means getting together with the forces of darkness, or the powers of evil. There can be no good come out of the meeting with the powers of darkness. For always they reflect that we must capitulate. Their program demands that we surrender to all of their demands. And our experience as we have approached Peace conferences with the powers of darkness in the past, has been that we always compromise just a little. And those who have ascended to positions of leadership with their liberal platforms have virtually done this at the sacrifice of our Christian brethren scattered through out the map of Europe. And we today do not believe that any good can be accomplished with any peace conference in which you try to do business with the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, that have no respect for your God, or have no influence working inside of them by which you would feel that they had any expectations of being guided or to keep their word.

We were more or less subject to speak upon this subject this afternoon by the broadcast that came from one of the churches and one of the Clergy from this community. And His message was that we would arrive at a great time of peace, and that this would be demonstrated by a great response of our Christian responsibility which was to make no further preparations for war. And it calls for the nations and the people of the Christian world to cease all armament projects. And having therefore cast aside the sword, we would demonstrate by example that we could trust people. And they would see that we were not intending to attach them and the world would move into Peace. He said that this was our Christian responsibility.

I only cite this because as I listened to this man speak, I realize that he is either naive or he was one of those ministers who has transformed himself into an angel of light, but serving, very definitely, the causes of the enemy.

In this instance he used the scripture that says ‘they who take up the sword shall die by the sword.’ Although the original text says: ‘He who takes up the sword to do violence for gain, shall die by that sword.’ Has no intent as far as the purposes of God are concerned, concerning the blueprint of HIS plan as it relates to HIS kingdom, in its liberation of the people of the world and its maintenance of power, as it relates to the powers of darkness which it must continually engage. There are a great number of Christians taken in today by what we call pacifism they don’t know where Peace is to be located as it relates to the problems of the world or they themselves, as individuals. We have discussed with you this situation as a race and as a people of the earth. And this is most significant as we realize that you, as a race, are living tabernacles, or living temples of the MOST HIGH God