The British Guardian 9th January,1925

The British Guardian 9th January,1925

No. 1 Vol VI. 9th SEPTEMBER, 1925
We have much pleasure in announcing that with the present number we
commence the weekly publication of the BRITISH GUARDIAN. The
price has been fixed at two-pence to meet the wishes of the class of people
whom we have found from experience to be the most sympathetic and
responsive to our views, and desirous of hearing and knowing the truth.
They are the true national stock of pure British blood—simple, honest,
straightforward people, mostly working for a wage which does not allow
of inconsiderate expenditure, even of pence. It has taken some years for
the truth of our insistent message to dawn on the consciousness of these
people. For five years we have persisted in bringing the facts before
them—in the beginning in spite of their amused contempt and derision,
if not of their actual hostility. But now we commence this, our sixth
volume, conscious that we are receiving at the hands of a great number
of these people of British blood acknowledgement, even some praise, and,
greatest of all, their active support and help.