Big Ben London Clock Used to Forewarn of 22/07/05 Attack!

Big Ben London Clock Used to Forewarn of 22/07/05 Attack!

Quote: “Who controls the past, controls the present; who controls the present, controls the future.” – George Orwell, 1984 (book describing a time when government would take over the planet).

Global Freemason/Illuminati satanic numerology serial killers! (please reread and reread)

The World Government uses false ‘terrorism’ to control the population(s) and get their way with more state powers over them. (“Terror is the essence of our rule.” – Vladimir Lenin). Tremendous profit expected off the recent bombings due to Illuminati Fed Bank Greenspan financial finageling 2 days prior to the July 22nd, 2005 attack (second in a string of recent terror events – “14” days apart)— The blasts came within minutes of each other, shortly after (22:07 GMT), when the bars and markets were busy with tourists. Source.The case has been built on multiple fronts: Using the Freemason sacred numerological history decoder ring, reversed engineered in the recently released ebook “Revelation 9:11″: (3,7,”11”,13,19,39,93,111) [and and multiples of each such as “666”]

Michael Haupt’s July 22nd, 2005 prediction was spot on! See Here1) Blasts in Club in Egypt on 22/07/2007 at 22:07GMT (Big Ben London Clock slowed for “13” minutes on 5/27/05 – an occult signature. The hands jammed at 22:07