Review – Architecture of Power By Robert Shaw

Review – Architecture of Power By Robert Shaw

BOOKS ON THE CITY OF LONDON AND THE SECRET POWER IT WEALDS OVER THE UK AND THE REST OF THE WORLD ARE HARD TO COME BY, so it is pleasing to see a new book on the subject has now been published, The Architecture of Power, by Robert Shaw. Available at a reasonable price from Britains Hidden History

The author’s great find, the Parliamentary report on the fire that swept London in 1666, confirms what many have suspected that it was no accident, but another false flag, The enemy has used the same ploy down the centuries and it works every time, because people ignore to study their history. The apprehension of incendiary planters by the King’s Guards and then not being heard of again, would imply that they were in the employ of the King, which is the author’s view. However, when one has an understanding of the ruthlessness of the enemy, its more likely that the King was manoeuvred into this act of destruction or even done without his knowledge as they control the levers of power.

Both James I and Charles I were controlled by their favourites, so it is unlikely things would be any different under Charles 2, bearing in mind during the interregnum period, Charles, for the most part was a pauper. There would be a heavy price to pay for the finance necessary to regain the throne, and that would be to facilitate the rebuilding of the City in the enemy’s image with total disregard to the poor people living in Cheapside.

In the rebuilding of London, the author goes into fascinating detail, especially the churches that Hawkesmoor built, and the significance of their alignment to form the eye of Horus. This is signifying to the world that “Big brother is watching you”! It was one of the Cities ruling elites that once stated “there is no secret which is not unknown to us”! Most of the civilised world has sleep walked into captivity and again become slaves of Egypt and Babylon(don).