The Lisbon Treaty – Extended Editorial

2019 – The Lisbon Treaty Extended Editorial

Above a picture from a Sputnik article on Brexit – Click here for source article confirming a member of the Brexit, e-mail list’s statement that the Brexit Negotiations are being strung out on purpose up to 2020 when the Lisbon Treaty kicks in, which makes it impossible for any EU nation state to leave!!

To the right of Big Ben, can be seen Portcullis House, where besides other uses, the main being thrashing out directives from the City of London to its Brussels office.

Belgium is City of London territory, following an act of the Westminster parliament creating the State of Belgium following The Treaty of London, being the spoils of the Battle of Waterloo Victory!!

The British Lion atop an artificial hill at the battle site near Brussels.

The Brexit Deception

Why is Nobody Talking About The Lisbon Treaty,
The Treaty That Comes into Force 2020
IT IS FAR WORSE THAN THE SO CALLED ‘DEAL’ – currently up for debate in Westminster!
Spread this around far and wide – even on Facebook.
The youth of this country needs to know the truth.
This below is what young folk think we are stealing from
What will happen if we stay in the “EU” is a question no remainer will ever answer.
Well, here it is, warts and all
  1. The UK along with all existing members of the EU lose their abstention veto in 2020 as laid down in the Lisbon Treaty when the system changes to that of majority acceptance with no abstentions or vetoes being allowed.
  2. All member nations will become states of the new federal nation of the EU by 2022 as clearly laid out in the Lisbon Treaty with no exceptions or vetoes.
  3. All member states must adopt the Euro by 2022 and any new member state must do so within 2 years of joining the EU as laid down in the Lisbon treaty.
  4. The London Stock Exchange will move to Frankfurt in 2020 and be integrated into the EU Stock Exchange, resulting in a loss of 200,000 plus jobs in the UK because of the relocation. (This has already been pre-agreed and is only on a holding pattern due to the Brexit negotiations, which if Brexit does happen, the move is fully cancelled – but if not and the UK remains a member and it is full steam ahead for the move.)
  5. The EU Parliament and ECJ become supreme over all legislative bodies of the UK.
  6. The UK will adopt 100% of whatever the unelected EU Commission and ECJ lays down without any means of abstention or veto, negating the need for the UK to have the Lords or even the Commons as we know it today.
  7. The UK will NOT be able to make its own trade deals.
  8. The UK will NOT be able to set its own trade tariffs.
  9. The UK will NOT be able to set its own trade quotas.
  10. The UK loses control of its fishing rights
  11. The UK loses control of its oil and gas rights
  12. The UK loses control of its borders and enters the Schengen region by 2022 – as clearly laid down in the Lisbon treaty
  13. The UK loses control of its Planning Legislation
  14. The UK loses control of its armed forces including its nuclear deterrent
  15. The UK loses full control of its taxation policy
  16. The UK loses the ability to create its own laws and to implement them
  17. The UK loses its standing in the Commonwealth
  18. The UK loses control of any provinces or affiliated nations e.g.: Falklands, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, etc
  19. The UK loses control of its judicial system
  20. The UK loses control of its international policy
  21. The UK loses control of its national policy
  22. The UK loses its right to call itself a nation in its own right.
  23. The UK loses control of its space exploration program
  24. The UK loses control of its Aviation and Sea lane jurisdiction
  25. The UK loses its rebate in 2020 as laid down in the Lisbon treaty
  26. The UK’s contribution to the EU is set to increase by an average of £1.2 billion pa and by £2.3 billion p.a. by 2020
    This is the future that the youth of today thinks we stole from them? They should be on
    their knees thanking us for saving them from being turned into Orwellian automatons, if we escape from control of the EU

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