New Ensign 147 November 2021

Drug Companies Own the Medical Profession

The war against true Israel, the white Caucasian people, is now headed by the Pharmacy industry, although to a lesser extent the medical profession has always been used. What better way could be used to murder someone without raising suspicion? It is in one’s face, for the Latin root word for pharmacy means suppliers of poison!

Most readers, will be aware, that according to the Edomites’ own publications, they planned to become doctors in order to kill the Goyim. It is perhaps also pertinent that the logo of the medical profession is a pole with two snakes (serpents) climbing up it!

One has the feeling that the dishonesty and ruthlessness of the pharmaceutical industry would be of no account were the medical profession not ready and willing to be corrupted. You don’t have to look far to see just how the profession has been corrupted by drug company money. Drug company riches and influence are everywhere. Doctors receive free journals paid for by drug companies. Doctors are taken out to lunch and dinner by drug companies.

These are the merchants spoken of by the Bible, whose root word in ancient Hebrew is synonymous with Canaanite, or the ITC (International Trade Cartel of today). The large trading corporations have different names, to give an appearance of competition, but are in fact owned by just 2 companies, BlackRock and Vanguard, behind which are probably the Rothschilds.

While the pharmaceutical industry are busy peddling their drugs, they are at the same time spending vast sums to eliminate effective cheap natural cures. To make matters worse, they were involved in setting up cancer charities, whose funds would be passed on to them, to “research” cures! While, on the other hand they were lobbying parliament, to make anyone who said they could cure cancer a criminal offence! Notwithstanding this there have been and are cures for all types of cancer, but praise Yahweh, their day of reckoning is close to hand!!

The Editor

New Ensign 147 November 2021
New Ensign 147 November 2021

November 2021 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

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