New Ensign 142 June 2021

The Valley of Dry Bones
Ezekiel 37:1-14


Readers of this magazine will be familiar with Ezekiel’s prophecy of the valley of dry bones which is a parable of Israel in the latter days, living in debt slavery, as a consequence of allowing the Edomites to take control of their affairs.

However, the prophecy foretold that the bones would put on sinews and flesh and rise up again, representing Israel coming to its senses in the latter days. There are signs that this is coming to pass in our day. In many western countries people are pushing back against the draconian unlawful covid regulations. Interestingly, the resistance is from outside the church, which remains mostly silent on the matter. No wonder people are leaving the church in droves. Of course Yahweh proclaimed he would cause His flock to be removed from the Edomite false shepherds.
Many Governments have been taken or are being taken to court, some have been successful such as Denmark, while others have chosen to ignore the ruling against them such as The Netherlands and Germany. There are still further lawsuits pending consequential to the huge death toll and adverse reactions to the covid “Vaccine” in Europe, the USA and other countries.

Italy has just recently made vaccination compulsory, hence sowing the seeds for civil war in that country. In order to fool the populace in taking it, it is reported that possibly sixty percent are saline solution, so they won’t be adversely affected which will encourage others to take it, if one is not caught with the first shot, the likelihood is that they will on the second or third shot.

With the Enemy’s iron grip on the media, most do not hear about the good news, however, the trickle at the moment will become a torrent!

Yahweh be praised for the Internet, which is allowing those of his awakened people to see the larger picture!!!


The Editor

New Ensign 142 June 2021
New Ensign 142 June 2021

June 2021 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

One thought on “New Ensign 142 June 2021”

  1. A look at the Crude Death rate for countries is a good way to see past the fog of propaganda and lies as it shows ALL deaths in total without touching on the emotive words such as COVID ! Shown as deaths per 1000 people

    Notice that the UK has more deaths than India !

    Don’t believe me Google yourself and see !

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