New Ensign 141 May 2021

Lawful System Versus Legal System

AMIDST ALL THE DOOM, gloom and MSM fear mongering, glimmers of hope are emerging. There are self help groups springing up across the UK operating under Common Law. These groups offer an alternative to “The Legal System” with home schooling advice, naturopath health centres, common law legal advice, shopping outlets not subject to the current restrictions plus community activities.
News is coming in of similar organisations, on the continent, the USA, Australia and elsewhere being formed.
In order to survive the coming onslaught, it will be such independent cohesive groups that will most likely survive. These groups are acting in accordance with Yahweh’s instruction “to come out of the beast (Babylon-don) system and be not partakers of her plagues.” He also said “who is able to make war with the beast?” Far better to come out of the Babylonian system, rather than wasting valuable time and energy in fighting an unwinnable battle! Elections are rigged, just as in the Soviet system, where one could have any candidate as long as the candidate had the stamp of approval of the state!

In the past the wrath of Yahweh has fallen on those nations not keeping the Law, it was not for being none pious or attending church. There is the example of Nineveh, where Jonah warned the leaders of Yahweh’s pending judgement. They took heed, repented and started keeping the law and Yahweh spared that great city. They did not all rush to the temple to pray. In modern terms there is no need to rush to the churches of the false Shepherds, but to repent and keep the law, which is mainly enshrined in our Common Law.

Groups have been set up before, but made the mistake of operating under the beast system by registering with the authorities and contracting with them. The same applies to those who see the way forward through politics. Again there is no chance of success when operating within the corporate legal system. However, we know that groups springing up applying Common Law will be under His protection even though the ride will be very rough. Praise Yahweh!!

The Editor

New Ensign 141 May 2021
New Ensign 141 May 2021

May 2021 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

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