New Ensign 131 July 2020

Corona Virus Some Unexpected Outcomes

Since the entire lock-down (home imprisonment) of almost the entire world, there have been some unexpected outcomes, most importantly, the decline of infant mortality being one.
An analysis of mortality data by Mark Blaxill and Amy Becker, “Lessons from the Lock-down,” posted at Children’s Health Defence on June 18: that infant mortality had dropped from 700 a week to 500. Because the health services are only concerning themselves with covid patients, young children are not being vaccinated, but of course the Main Stream Media will not report this because anti-vaccination voices would be overwhelming and that would not suit big pharma.
Already, big pharma are seeing a sharp decline in the uptake of vaccines, particularly the flu vaccine and hence the drive for compulsory vaccination for protection against the scam covid 19, which will be the real killer in combination with the on-going 5G rollout. Covid most likely stands for – Certificate Of Vaccination ID!
Another good outcome of the lock-down, is that people are deserting the MSM in hordes because of the blatant propaganda, contradictions and lies. Many have been throwing out their TVs and smashing them, just as an ex KGB defector advised, saying they were the most dangerous thing in your home!
Another aspect of the lock-down, favourable to the truth movement, has been the fact, that people working flat out to maintain a roof over their heads, have now had time to think and reflect and as a consequence have discovered the reality they thought they were in was false. The sad fact is, that how ever much truth stares some in the face, these will fail to see it because they are suffering from a mind virus. Such can be easily identified by the face masks they wear!
Another interesting take on the plandemic, too lengthy to mention here is to be found in the Justinian deception, in as far as it applies to Australia. Click on the link HERE. Thanks to Pastor Eli James, of Eurofolk radio for this link.
All this points to the fact that Mystery Babylon is starting to crumble. Praise Yahweh!!!

The Editor –

New Ensign 131 July 2020
New Ensign 131 July 2020

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