New Ensign 130 June 2020

Covid 1984

The lock down (home imprisonment) continues, but the good news is that resistance is growing both in the UK, Europe and America. During the recent hot weather, many UK seaside resorts, such as Southend and Hastings attracted huge crowds, with social distancing being ignored. Both here in the UK and the USA legal proceeding are afoot to bring the governments to book for the unlawful lock down.

In the UK, there is the ludicrous spectacle of clapping for the NHS in spite of it having been stripped down to a shadow of it former self, having stopped regular treatments, now only open to Covid cases and emergencies. At the same time the hospitals are virtually empty More NHS crime to be reported, next column.

Keep on clapping while doctors kill your parents with morphia for the crime of being over age, for wrongly diagnosing illness as Corona virus to help the news narrative, and not reporting the numbers of patients who recover.

Here the doctors withdraw life-saving treatment from a lawyer, Edward Ellis, for exposing corruption. No more clapping please. The poor lawyer describes his symptoms HERE.

There many commentators in the alternative media, who believe that the plannendemic was not as virulent as expected, hence they doctor the death certificates to boost the numbers to justify the insane lock down and the ruin of livelihoods and national economies.

So maybe the real issue that most in the media are still not acknowledging is that the China corona virus is typical to a seasonal flu except that infants, children and young adults are not as likely to die from it. The efforts to lock down communities went way, way, way overboard. Unfortunately it is too late to save economies like Hong Kong.

The establishment has egg on its face and is desperately trying to cover lies with more disinformation. Although Babylon is crumbling, but be prepared for the coming backlash. However, Yahweh’s side will be victorious.


The Editor –

New Ensign 130 June 2020
New Ensign 130 June 2020

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