New Ensign 121 September 2019

9th September 2019 (911) is Protest Day with A Demonstration Outside The Houses of Parliament, Westminster, UK

Following on from last month’s editorial, where it was reported that a writ of Habeas corpus to free Lyn Thyer was rejected contrary to Common Law. However following the persistence of John Smith, a hearing was heard, but dismissed! It so happened that the hearing was heard on the very day Lynn Thyer was extradited, and was already in France, as the hearing was taking place Doubtless the judge knew of this., so in reality the court case was merely a charade, to save the face of the legal system.
Lynn Thyer, had been found not guilty of any crime, in England, when brought to trial for her involvement with David Noakes for using a natural substance GcMAF to cure literally hundreds of people of cancer. Both her and David Noakes are being hounded by big Pharma in order to make an example of them, so that no one else dare do the same and thereby affect the cancer industry’s lucrative deadly treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.
Hence the reason for the 911 demonstration outside of the Houses of Parliament, this month to make the public aware of how successful cancer treatment are being suppressed. If you live in the UK make an effort to support those going to Westminster – details can be found on Ian R Crane’s website Here.
We are certainly living in the days when evil will be called good and good evil!! But we look forward to fall of Babylon and Christ’s return!

New Ensign 121 September 2019
New Ensign 121 September 2019

September 2019 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

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