New Ensign 119 July 2019

King Athelstan Completed The Unification of England on 12th July 927 AD

While the EU has removed England from their official maps, it should not be forgotten that it was on the 12th of this month in 927 AD that England became a unified nation state during the reign of King Athelstan who died on 27 October 939, in Gloucester (tomb above) at the age of 47. He was the first and perhaps the greatest King of England, This man is remembered as a famous warrior who defeated the Danes and the Scots and forged the Kingdom, we now call England.
The Tap News Blog is to be congratulated for pointing this out and that July 12th should accordingly be declared an English public bank holiday! There is a petition link on their site, which can be reached by clicking here,
It has been pointed out in this magazine on numerous occasions, that the delaying of Brexit is a deliberate ploy, because in 2020 the terms of the Lisbon Treaty kick in, when not only England, but all the other nation states of Europe will cease to exist.

New Ensign 119 July 2019
New Ensign 119 July 2019

July 2019 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

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