New Ensign 118 June 2019

New Ensign 118 June 2019
New Ensign 118 June 2019

June 2019 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

Political Chaos

Political Chaos is rampant throughout the western nations particularly here in the UK, France and the USA. In the UK, although an act of Parliament was passed to leave the EU on the 29th of March, only 56 days later on the 23rd May, the polling stations are open for electing UK representatives to the Brussels Parliament.
Money is on the newly formed Brexit Party under the leadership of Nigel Farage to win, although the question must be asked, with the high salaries and expenses paid to members of the Brussels Parliament, why would they be in a hurry to lose their well paid jobs?
In the meantime Robin Tillbrook is fighting the Government’s unconstitutional actions through the courts and for his troubles, he has been banned from Facebook in an effort to dry up the flow of donations to finance his challenge.
The crass behaviour of the UK Government over the Brexit negotiations, has had the effect of waking up the population of Britain to how futile voting is, they are coming to understand that politics is rigged, just like the stock exchange. It has been said that if voting made a difference, it would not be allowed!!

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