New Ensign 115 March 2019

New Ensign March 115
New Ensign March 115

March 2019 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

Knowing The Truth

People in the true Israel of the white western nations are waking up, albeit rather slowly, to the fact that they are occupied by an evil satanic entity, which after centuries of manipulation and infiltration, has now almost achieved its objective of a 100% control of our institutions.
The Edomite controllers are now showing their true colours, as has been witnessed in the past, by our brethren in Eastern Europe and Russia. Now the French people in their peaceful yellow jackets’ protest, are now victims of a brutal police force, many of whom are of other races.
The Fake News Western Media love to report brutal repression in other mainly third world countries, but not a word about the brutality of the French police, using live ammunition against their own people, leaving many dead and severely injured. Nor can we be too complacent here in the UK, as fracking protesters have already experienced the thug like behaviour of the UK police where the elderly and infirm protesters have been especially targeted.
Reports are already coming in of the UK police stocking up on guns and other riot control equipment capable of exerting lethal force in anticipation of unrest over Brexit, which begs the question, will we really leave the EU on March 29th as scheduled?

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