New Ensign 112 Dec 2018

New Ensign 112
New Ensign 112

December 2018 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

Brexit – The Great Deception

This month, whilst most people have been distracted with the politics of Brexit such as terms for leaving the EU – it being now 2 years since the vote was won to leave!! Brexit has been used just like the magicians trick of making people look in the wrong direction.

While many have been engaged in the intricacies of Brexit politics, even more sinister things have been going on right under our noses, for example, despite Brexit, our military has been merged into the EU and the EU laws have been written onto our statute book.

In order to facilitate the rise of the emerging police state here in the UK and other western nations, the military interrogation system known as 5G is being rolled out. Even as this magazine goes to press, 5G. new transmitter masts are popping up everywhere. 5G will in combination with LED street lights and smart meters form a lethal combination.

This has already been demonstrated by the recent Californian fires, where a huge number of properties were totally destroyed, while the trees close by were unharmed. Another phenomenon not reported, was that amongst the masses of burnt out houses were scattered a few houses with no damage. The common denominator with such houses is that they did not have smart meters installed!

There has been recently on the New Ensign E-mail list a number of comments about the foolishness of engaging in the flawed party political system of the Beast, which brings to mind the futility of making war with him as spelt out to us in Rev. 13:4.

We are also commanded in the Scriptures to come out of her! This means forming our own local networks amongst our own people outside the knowledge of the beast system and where possible supporting local businesses run by indigenous white people.

More importantly, we need to keep in close touch with Him, the all powerful Yahweh through His Son Yahshua (Yahweh saves) – Praise be His Name!!

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