Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1997

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1997

Headline: NATO is to be used in establishing the One World Order.

THIS IS THE HEADLINE IN EUROPEAN PAPERS. Thus, our president and our Secretary of State are deep in this picture. Are they not? Watch for more on this subject.

As we move into the month of August, we find that we will need to review more of this area of the Zodiac, for all is so closely connected. We thus will now look at the sign of Gemini (the twins). The name in the ancient Zendera Zodiac meant ‘the place of HIM who comes.’ Here we see two figures walking or coming. One a woman and one a man. The old Coptic name was Pi-Mahi, meaning the United as in Brotherhood. But not necessarily being united as being born at the same time. They symbolize also, the two fold nature of YAHWEH and man, of suffering and of glory, and of coming in humiliation and then in Glory.

The one star in the head of the figure called Apollo means ruler or judge. And in the head of the other means ‘HE who comes as judge, or to labour or suffer.’ The star in the left foot of this one means hurt or wounded. However, now both figures are now at rest and in Peace as though a mighty victory has been won. In other words, the day has come to fulfil the prophecies of ‘HE who is the “BRANCH.” This is thus Messiah’s peaceful reign and the righteous shall now flourish. Thus we are now looking for that time to come when the sons and daughters shall ‘Arise and shine, for thy light has come.’ For this time when there finally will be true Peace, meaning that there will no longer be any enemy.

We have seen where Lepus, the enemy under the foot of Orion, is to be crushed. And we learned that when the true light comes to HIS people then every enemy will be subdued under his feet.